Sunday, May 04, 2008

it's been many a day since i last wrote on here, somebody slap me.
life's been busy, i've started a 2nd job which means i have some late nights followed by early starts. i've been filling my days with ease, and wishing that i had more time to read books and lap up the autumn sunshine! the afternoons are so beautiful at the moment, perfect for leisurely persuits. i took the photo a few mornings ago when i left for work, the sky was amazing!
i worked last night, at the pub, we were much busier than expected. the chef, who had the night off, couldn't help but worry that "the girls" weren't coping. we were though, and 32 meals later i was happy to escape the pub and head down the road for a glass of crisp white wine in front of a warm fire with the company of a good friend and basil and sybil fawlty. (yeah, fawlty towers was on. the one where the builders take out the wrong door. love it.) reeeelaxing at last. it was so hard to tear myself away from that fire and head out into the cold for the 5 minute walk home.
an early start again today, the alarm went off and i could've cried. the mornings are cold now, so shivery and bleary eyed i made my way to work for my 12th day running. i'll look on the bright side and admit that there is plenty to like in my job, particularely the company of a few of the locals who tend to come in for a coffee and a chat. word has got around that i make a decent cup of coffee, as opposed to the insipid over-hot brews that the others throw together! my bosses' older son (he's 6) is a good one for keeping me entertained with his daily demonstrations of love for his dad: climb up on the chair, check there's water in the kettle, generally tell me how much water is in the kettle, put it on and watch it for a while before loading a cup with a bit of coffee and lots of sugar, then "eroica, the milk goes in BEFORE the water, right?", and before long he has a ghastly looking brew ready for his dad which he then asks me to carry out so he doesn't spill it! it really is quite sweet, and one of these days i might even succeed in training him to clean up the inevitable mess of coffee and sugar granules he leaves on my pristine bench!
the tourists can be good value too. mostly they're older australians, making the most of retirement by buying a campervan or joining a 4wd tour. they're often happily surprised to see the coffee machine, and they like to paw over the selection of tea towels and stubby holders while i make their cappuccinos. i had a nice customer moment last week, a guy who'd come in a couple of days running asked me what the song was that was playing (i play my iPod at work, got very sick of the tamworth country crew). it was jeff buckley singing Hallelujah, and i was more than happy to have a wee rant about the merits of it! i also mentioned that there are good versions by kd lang, sarah blasko and of course mister cohen. my customer was quite excited by that, so i offered to burn them all to a cd for him. so i sent off a Hallelujah Mix cd, including a few more of my favourites of the moment. i hope he likes it!
the absolute best thing that happened today was that my dear friend greg called me for a chat! a very nice surprise, thanks greg. i promised i'd visit him this year, but i've gone and left it too late as he's heading off again soon! picking season draws to a close. here's his blog by the way. :-) so i guess i'll have to catch up with him later in the year, unless i somehow find myself in taiwan in the next few months, the likelyhood of which is pretty slim.
so that conversation put a smile on my face, i carried on the good cheer with a visit to the nurse in town who i've become friends with in recent weeks. we talk about adventures she's had and adventures i'd like to have. we've also started a sort of dinner club ~ a chance to get together with a few select friends to share good food and wine and conversation. so far we've had one do, and it was lovely. appertisers and wine up at Sunset Lookout, followed by a very nice meal and conversation well into the night. it's these sorts of things that make me feel like being out here is ok after all. so after a session of food-talk and gossiping and coffee drinking with her, i rode home under a sky bisected by vapour trails burning white hot across the afternoon blue.
now here i am, back home and fed on coconut prawn curry, and finally writing a blogpost. it has been too long!
i hope you've enjoyed this insight into my life as it is currently. i'd love to hear from you!
xx e