Tuesday, October 19, 2010

aah spring, how i love your sunny still mornings!
i've somehow (yay!) got into the habit of awaking early, it's really nice to be up and about hours before i actually need to be. i was explaining to steve yesterday, it feels like bonus time.. anything i get done before i was even needing to be awake is total bonus, which makes me very very happy.
and there is *plenty* to do ~ the garden check alone takes a good 20mins. only one pea up so far, sigh, i wonder if the birds got them? the earth doesn't seem to be very roughed up though. perhaps i'll germinate some in water and then they'll be ready in a couple of days if the others don't show.
i'm very pleased with my new raised garden bed. made of chimney bricks, it is a wonderful marriage of recycling and aesthetics! i plan on filling it with zucchinis and pumpkins, big leafy things which like space to sprawl.
very much loving my woolston wonderland at the moment. tracey (she's back, folks) persuaded me to host a garage sale this coming saturday, which means i should really be digging out lots of stuff to get rid of, not to mention making space in the rather crowded garage (not even my stuff, damn it!).
in family news, helen and marco are nearly in melbourne. this makes me sad. not because they're close, but because they're not close enough. and i am also a little envious that helen and aeneas and damien will all be living together. i do love my christchurch life, but melbourne does still pull. especially now.
but, best i don't focus on that right now.
happy days!