Saturday, October 10, 2009

i just had a head-fuck moment when i realised that i was almost a grandmother.
crikey. *shudder*

Monday, October 05, 2009

hello blogpeeps
i have neglected you again. life is pleasantly busy these days! lots of socialising. a fair amount of working. days off tend to fill up very quickly! and no way am i complaining.
the sunday craft sessions are still going strong, it's become more of a knitting circle as that seems to be the craft of choice these days. i am still very tentative, and find knitting recipes quite hard to decipher. but it's so good to have a group to do it with!
crafty J is in town at the moment, yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon taking photos of peeling paint and the likes, followed by pizza at the dux (yum!) and 4 episodes of Spaced which is my new favourite thing. well new favourite tv show at least.
in other new favourites:
**roller derby!** such an awesome spectator sport. i first went in melbourne, and then in chch a couple of weeks ago. best sport ever. chicks in fishnets belting each other... weeeeeeeee! sadly i have zero sense of balance, so i shan't be trying it out myself. i will stick to cheering from the bleachers. from a photography perspective, it's really hard to get good shots. way too fast, every photo i took is a blur.
peppy, my golden wagon of happiness, is back on the road. this pleases me. i shall not think about the monetary cost of getting peppy back in action, suffice to say that i am feeling a little broke at the moment. and i still need to get the timing chain replaced, whatever that means. i hope it means less racket from the general engine area. so it must be time to plan a few trips! at least as far as kaikoura to pick up sis&boy in a couple of weeks. and then perhaps a trip to visit J and M in motueka in the next couple of months, i am so looking forward to sleeping in the van again!
in other news, i am growing tomatoes from seed, a variety called Tigerella (they're striped!). so far most of my seeds have come up, but are looking very spindly. i plan on having a somewhat portable garden this season, lots of veges in pots so that i can take them with me when i move house at the end of november. perhaps i could start a dashboard herb garden in peppy. there is plenty of space where cactus jack used to live.. *sniff*
(van got stolen, found it, minus my darling dashboard cowboy cactus jack. and they took my builders tape measure and gas cooker too.)
ok, gotta scoot, time to get on with this day!
smooooches to you lot