Wednesday, January 28, 2004

i've just been checking out Frank's latest rants. and to be quite honest i'm rather blown away by the list in his latest entry. have a look at:

don't know how to do a direct link thingy, so just copy and paste it into the address bar i guess... (why am i writing that? no doubt you lot know your way round a computer a lot better than i do! wouldn't be too hard)
i'm going to dunedin this week-end, yippee! i really do love that city. and the pre-raphaelite exhibition is a very good reason to be going. and seeing ana too. and doing a roadtrip with jeff and samadhi and luci. pity dana can't come, that would've been extra cool.
i got an invite to steve and v's wedding today. how exciting! it'll be the first wedding i've gone to since the age of approximately 9.
bought a new phone today, at last... (thanks for the b-day cheque grandma!) it's purdy.
speaking of which, lisa and steve have gone and got themselves a very cute wee puppy. and i've kind of got a cat...
okay, here's the moral dilemma. do i assume that the cat has a home, and try to find it, or do i just leave it be and try not to encourage it too much? the thing is, it's been hanging out at my place for the last few days, skulking around looking hungry, slipping in when it can, and sleeping outside the front door. what to do? help! (by the way i actually quite like it so please no-one suggest that i do away with the poor thing)
have been exchanging a few texts with greg of late. (nice boy, lives in oz at the mo, haven't seen him in ages) will be very cool to see him at the end of april. and a damn shame that the fish-whisperer won't be here too. :-(
tried to ring greg last night but the phone (his i think) was doing weird shit. bummer.
i'm going to go now, my neck is aching. and i need to figure out how to get home (didn't drive into town, am now at the family mansion[heh] with no wheels to get home by).
ta ra ducks.

Sunday, January 25, 2004

hello hello. if you know the wee ditty by the cats empire please imagine the first 2 words of this magnificent blog entry in a cats empire-ish manner. got it? no didn't think so. o well, at least i know where i'm coming from.
here's an unexpected (byt pleasant) surprise... i went along to a working bee at work today under the impression that we weren't going to be payed for it, but turns out we are. yip-yip-yippee! note to self: try to avoid all situations from now on that require one to clean solidly for 4 hours. especially if they fall on a sunday morning (i work with a bunch of fucking masochists!)
staff dinner tonight, eek. though i'm sure it'll be a great feed. just the peoples i'm worried about. i think they're already cottoning on to the fact that i'm not entirely sane, so i won't need to put on too much of a pretence at normality. phew!
this blog stuff is turning out to be quite an adventure. and people seem to be reading this! wow.
thanks to matt and frank for commenting... puts a smile on my dial. and a bit hello to kirsty-the-sexy-bitch! come visit my world again soon!
gotta go, just glanced down at the clock and realised i'm about an hour late. oopsie, sorry dana.
i bid you adieu

Thursday, January 22, 2004

anyone who happens to be reading this and happens to be pleasantly obsessive about caffeine filled beveridges should come to my place and have a coffee with me. lisa and steve (darlings) got me a magnificent percolater (retro 60s styles, tres cool) and i haven't even given it a test-drive yet! o, the joy! the jittery heart-palpatating joy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

it's my birthday. pretty lame day to be quite honest. felt prettty unloved for most of it (though the texts were greatly appreciated, thanks). got better later on. am doing the celebratory guff tomorrow. blah.
can't be bothered writing more tonight.
o, someone who i don't like very much scored my potential studio. am a bit gutted. o well. actually, fuck it. i'm pissed off.
bex (my dear flatmate) is back in town, fan-bloody-tastic. hurrah!
yargle, aaaargh. blip.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

busking. what a crazy way to earn a living. and by crazy i don't mean bad.
i'm trying to plan a 'party-ish thing' for my birthday. not much fun, i really can't be arsed organising anything. so, here's the official invite... please come. will probably be a very small gathering as the only two people who seem to read this are jeff (who is busy with [ex]wifey that night) and some guy called frank.
**hello frank, how's things? i'm not in a nasty mood today, sorry if you were hoping for garbled evil revenge plans or something of that sort. and thanks for the comments, made my day ;-)**
i might be able to score a relatively cheap studio at Space gallery. cool bananas! must check it out soon, and make a decision. it's a tad scary... if i actually have a specific place for doing my art i might actually have to, well, do my art. eeek! good scary though.
enough for now, i have other things to attend to... (heh heh, wouldn't you like to know...)

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

hello. another day, another shite entry. i can't decide whether to go for the serious diary approach, or the total ludicrous piss-take approach. so for now, a bit of both. guess it doesn't really matter seeing as no-one bloody reads this anyway. except for j of course, my number one fan (actually he just enjoys hassling my spelling, typing, general being) (thanks, babe, i'd be lost without your stirling support).
so, i talked to my dear friend in london this morning. her boss is shouting her a 2 week trip to new york. alright for some, eh? think i might've got into the wrong line of work. all i get is the occassional free gently molding onion. bah, humbug. only prob with the nannying idea is that i don't like kids much (or, if i'm honest, at all...)
i've started this other blog, but am not giving you the address, it's good fun. and if anyone finds it and realises what it's all about i'll probably meet with a lynch mob on a dark and stormy night... eeeek! aah, the fun. the adrenalin! internet espionage...
i've decided that i know quite a lot of cool people. though i don't let on that i think much of them... that would be telling. so, people, you may be able to count yourself in the category of people i think are cool, but then again maybe you're not on that list. heh.
gotta go, the conversation behind me is getting interesting. ta da ducks.

Monday, January 12, 2004

yay, all of a sudden my mysteriously absent posts have appeared! hooroo! kalooo kalay! yippee dippee!
today i got hit by a car. and i don't mean that my car got hit by another car, i mean that i actually did. not good at all. i am fine though, still feel a tad shaky. not really what you expect to have to deal with while working at an organic wholefood shop!
bastard driver. a middle-aged asian guy. the thing about stereotypes is that they're there for a reason. hmm, not going to get into that.
gotta go and call a lovely girl about work stuff (classys, not piko)
this, i am aware, is a very boring blog entry. sorry to all my fans (yes, jeff, that's you).

by the way, haven't spoken to the camster today. ha ha.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

fuckety fuckety fuck. yes, fuck. fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!
one of those evenings. actually, that's not entirely true. it really was fine (bar a couple of minor family "issues") until just recently. people, fuck em. not literally, that just fucks things up even fucking more (anyone care to guess what my feature word of the night is...? there's no prize, just a malicious stare). so, this person i know. fucked me right off (too many reasons to write here, and anyway he might read this shit). enough to say that he upset me and made me want to do very bad things to him... for examples, please link to Sharkypoo. (it's to the right... there, no, just a bit further... one up, yep, that's the one) why do some people always have to get so fucking heavy about every fucking element of the fucking human experience? WHO GIVES A FUCK???? fuck. am going to stop here, the keyboard is smoking and the monitor is wavering in and out of consciousness. no, i lie. that's not true at all. but fuck you all, and keep your fucking opinions to yourselves.
ps. the fuckwit i'm referring to has a 3 letter name that starts with 'c', ends with 'm' and also has an 'a' somewhere in between.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

this is a ps for what i just wrote.
fishboy, your morbid entry about friends getting together for funerals was rather depressing. and depressing because it's getting truer and truer. (more and more true?)
guess you could look at a group of friends as being like an exploding star. all the parts moving ever so slowly further apart... (sigh)
we're all star-dust. we're all sparkling molecules in each others' lives. we're all slowly fading.
hola amigos y amigas.
buen nueva! ha ha, that's about the extent or my espanol.
i'm now a 'wage slave'. thanks for pointing that out so frequently, dearest fishboy. yeah, so i'm working at an organic shop with a bunch of very likeable dykes (though how many are actually dykes is yet to be assertained).
got an email today from a gorgeous thing i haven't heard from in ages. she's all sprogged up... (a cute wee thing, as far as sprogs go... ha ha, sorry to all those parents out there... or should that be "sprog herds"?)
hmm, anyone who has read that tripe labelled "effing the ineffible" lately may have been privvy to some incriminating information about myself. we did sleep. and gazed at the stars. what's dodgy about that? nowt. and yes, it was a good night.
tonight i (and other unmentionable trollops) made a random aussie's experience of chch a little brighter. heh. good fun talking about porn with a stranger... he took it all very well, in fact i think he might've actually enjoyed the encounter.
saw my serene friend today, he's lovely. mmm. shame he's not 'lovely' too.
well, my pretties, i must bid you farewell. for now. until later. hasta la vista, bebe.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

yes, that archives link thingy. don't quite know what that's all about... o well, ain't doing nobody no harm (at least not so far as i can tell!).
well it's now 2004. probably quite a big year for little me... new job and all that jazz. had a good n.y. eve, went bush with good peoples, great to see a real sky again. slept outside. nice