Thursday, July 16, 2009


my friend corrina directed me over to an interesting blogpost by a man named mark... have a read
it really is funny how a lack of comments really affects my desire to post on this here blogski! because surely blogging isn't about what you get back, right?
wrong. of course it is. i am here for some sort of human contact, as strange as that seems. yes, i write about myself. yes it's a place for me to just dribble whatever is on my mind into a blank box. but it's also somewhere where i feel at home, and i like to invite friends into my home!
i've made some good friends through blogging. i've read some inspiring things too. and once in a while i've managed to upset someone, which makes me more cautious than i'd like to be!

in keeping with the spirit of letting y'all in, i'll do a ramble!

life at the moment. it's good. i am managing fairly well to keep the winter blues at bay. and am REALLY remembering why i swore i wouldn't have another christchurch winter for a few years. well so much for that! though i did manage to miss two while in australia.
i have discovered some great ways of keeping happy and entertained this winter! cribbage is one. yes, that old card game that your grandpa played. it's and it involves basic mathematical brain usage, so it's good for me! hooray! i've taken to playing cribbage on sunday afternoons with a bunch of friends from work, usually at our favourite coffee joint, the addington coffee co-op. and after a game of crib, we scurry off to someone's house and we craft! yes! knitting and sewing and darning and scrawling. it's such a brilliantly happy-making habit to get into. at last! i've wanted to get this sort of thing happening for so long, it's just GREAT to finally be doing it. my crafty friend J is moving away from here, so there is even talk of having internet craft sessions. so high tech! ;-)
in other news, i am about to move out of my ever so lovely house. the reason being that my ever so lovely flatmates are about to have a baby! exciting times indeed, i am sad to be leaving this beautiful place but very happy to be making room for the newest member of the clan.
i'm going to stay at the parents' for a few months, with the plan of moving into another house in december. i need that plan, or i'd go crazy being back with ma and pa. and it's really handy that they're away when i move in, so i'll have the house to myself for a couple of weeks. i'm also looking forward to going to melbourne for a few days next month. bit of a girls' trip, with the added bonus of sorting out the stuff i have stored over there. yay for seeing my melbourne friends and my brothers and drinking lots of coffee at degraves espresso and ray and retro.
right, i'm going to wrap this up now. that coffee really got my fingers going...
big love to you, dear readers.
feel free to leave a comment...
(now that you know how much i crave them)