Thursday, August 30, 2007


i spent 3 days last week with my girl and our mutual friends, down clifton springs way. it was so good to have their company, and so good to have that time with vic. we spent hours walking on the beach, fossicking for seaglass and interesting shells, and very much enjoying each others company.
we drove back to melbourne on thursday, and in the morning i went to work and she went to the airport.
when vic landed she sent me this text: "babe, am sad. will have to be a better way than this. xx"
i replied that i agreed, and we'd work something out.

two hours later my boss called me into her office and fired me, for no particular reason other than that she doesn't much like me. well, as you can imagine, that threw me! particularly as i quickly remembered that i was to be out of a home in a couple of weeks, and had made no plans regarding a new abode. i walked out of work, and got on a tram to the beach. it's the best thing i could've done, an hour in the sunshine helped to clear my head and lead me to thinking about my options.

the option i've chosen, the only obvious one, is to go and try my hand at desert life for a while. perhaps it'll just be a few weeks, perhaps it'll be a longer stint. i hope it works out there, i would like that. i am excited to be embarking on this adventure, it's not what i saw myself doing.. but it's perfect. the timing is too much of a coincidence for me to ignore this possibility.

so that's it blogfolks, i'm off to the outback to live in a tiny town on my own, as vic will be away for weeks at a time.

it scares the shit out of me, but at the same time it just feels so very very right.


Saturday, August 25, 2007

so, eroica, what did you do this week?

well, blogfolk, i lost my job.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

it's been a long day.
thank god for manny.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


being sick is so dumb. the no energy and the no brain and the darksome thoughts. so exciting that someone super special (YOU!) brought around tissues and orange juice. i am oh so grateful, and pleased to have had your company for a few minutes. lucky me!
so, thank you, you are the beez kneez!

love from me

Monday, August 13, 2007


i ache from my hips down to my calves
shivers across my back
a tightening across my forhead
scratchy throat
and a cough that catches me by suprise

i've been so damned careful about looking after myself, surrounded by sick friends. but finally it caught up with me. and i know i said i wouldn't post again till i had something worth saying...
i want v here. i need comfort and lemon honey drinks and a story.

Monday, August 06, 2007

hey peeps
i'm at the airport, very early, killing time until i can jump on a plane and go home.
can't quite believe that in a few hours i'll be back in christchurch, how exciting is that?! i am going to be a very busy girl, so many wonderful people to see and so much coffee to drink. hooray, what a treat.
i am a tad worried as i am unable to turn my computer on.. i hope it's just out of battery. the thing is, the wiring in my house is tres dodgy and i am thinking i might've somehow fucked something up. eek!
(ahem, excuse my poor use of the english language, i blame the headache i've had for the last WEEK).
not much i can do about it now, except hope like crazy that it sorts itself out.
i really have nothing much to say!
but still, 15 mins left at the "new kiosk" so i might as well ramble a bit longer.
no, actually i won't. i am sick of reading back over posts on here which read like a learner driver backing into a parked car. lame lame lame.
bye, and i'll write again if i ever have something worth saying.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Originally uploaded by frogstarstrikesagain
frequently this week i've caughtmyself day dreaming about those days in broken hill. i see more of the bad stuff about melbourne now, funny that. i notice the lack of open space, something which there certainly is plenty of in the desert! and of course i am over romanticising it, living there would be a totally different deal, but for now i am happy letting my thoughts wander to huge skies and red dirt.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


the pressure to blog is overwhelming.
gee, thanks vetti.

today has been lovely.
frances, a friend from nz, is staying.
we coffeed at la paloma, i dragged her to the post office so i could sent sweet things to the vicstar, and then we made our way into town. after a mission to give money to my sister (will i always act as family banker, i wonder?) we headed down to acmi to check out the pixar exhibition. which was great, except for the bit when the lights failed. oopsie. after much dashing and clompy-shoes the lights came back and we could finish our viewing experience!
then down to st. kilda for coffee and chocolatey goodness with one miss james, and finally back home for a dvd after a veg out curry.
now it is way past my bedtime and this is a shit blog post, so argh... i give up and press send.
might have a brain tomorrow, if so i shall edit.