Friday, June 25, 2010


i had a good chat with my friend ariel a couple of days ago, about how good 'we' are at avoiding doing the things which are actually important.
we deem silly things like laundry and and tidying to be important, somehow making time to do those things... and yet, at the end of the day we haven't really spent any time on the things that we tell ourselves are the most important!
like, when someone asks what's important to me in my life i will come up with things like making art, crafting, gardening, blogging, walking in nature...
and when do i actually do these things??? i tell myself i don't have time, there is too much daily grind to get through! what the hell? it's so easy to push those 'nice' things aside as being less important than keeping the house tidy. 'we' must be mad, surely.
so i am once again reminding myself that those other things are not to be ignored... i come to this conclusion periodically... and i intend to do something about it!
i have started playing around over at listography, i think it's time to write some real to-do lists.

Friday, June 11, 2010

dear blog friends,

i love you. please give yourselves a hug from me.

yours sporadically,



Monday, June 07, 2010


genius playlists make my monday a happy place.
i am halfway finished jeff's very late birthday present.
i have a pile of clothes for the salvation army.
coffee number 3 is being planned.
leonard cohen tickets are purchased (yes!!).
it's still raining.
i am loving indexed.