Tuesday, June 24, 2014

dear blog

i'm sorry i've neglected you.
still think about you ofen, and sometimes i even visit.

i'll attempt to tell you why i stopped writing.
it felt too personal. like a diary. i'm not sure i want my blog to be a diary.
when every entry became a love note or a note about whichever love i was falling into, the blog started to feel decidedly teenaged. cringe factor of ten.

also, it's findable. there have been a couple of people who have looked it up and read it and taken offense at what i've written here. what do i do about that?
the options - write impersonal content only, or stop caring who reads it.
chances are neither of those two previous offense-takers even remember the address, but the lack of anonymity does concern me a little. and i know that i can't write impersonal, i don't have it in me at this point!

also, these days everyone is a blogger. (why should that stop me?)
blogs now seem to 'need' a theme... raw food, my 50 best fitness tips, stuff i saw on etsy and recreated. what happened to good old fashioned "the shit that is on my mind" blogging? does anyone except amanda palmer do that any more?

i don't know what i want this blog to be, for now i want it to be used and updated and that is about all. so, the intention is laid out before you...

i want to be a blogger again.