Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hello blog-loves.
update time.

firstly, and very importantly, my hands are on the mend. give it a few more days and they'll be good as new. this is an immense relief! it got to the point where i just stopped coping, which of course was over easter when medical facilities were shutburgers.

today i am sick with other ails, aah it's so much fun being me! lack of sleep has triggered shivers and aches and nausea and dizziness, i don't think catching up on sleep will salvage me anymore.

yesterday i spend 8 hours at the polytech learning about the sale of liquor act, in a bid to apply for my duty manager certificate. it was painful. not so much because it was dull (it had it's moments) but more because i find it so damn upsetting that we have this utterly abhorrent drinking culture in our country. it really bugs me. according to one economist's study, in 2004 kiwi taxpayers spend a whopping $11 billion on alcohol related issues. this is not ok! what is wrong with 'us' that we feel the need to get shitfaced to the extent that we cause more damage than you can even really imagine? i mean, $11 billion!!! i have to stop writing about it, i'm getting knotted up again.

in other news, helen and marco are mere days from leaving. currently they're holidaying in golden bay, so i am housemateless. i hate that they are leaving! i miss helen already, and she's only been gone a day. for sisters who used to swap bites for kicks, we now get on very well and i happily consider her my friend as well as little sis. it'll be hard being without her again. thank the gods for such wondrous technologies as skype.

my friend matt may move in, which would be an easy way to solve my housemate issues. for although i like the idea of a few weeks on my own, more than that will just get difficult in the money department. and i have a raft of money-sucking thing to attend to, such as renewing my passport and planning a trip to sydney for late winter. man, i hope that can happen! definitely been too long since i was there. i can't think of a better way to spend a few days than wandering newtown with the esteemable jeffmeister (love you). my friend nik lives there now as well, which means another very good reason to visit old sydney town.

i had the lovely j&m to stay last week, lucky me! they made super first houseguests, and justin and i had plenty of opportunities to talk art and craft and bounce ideas off each other. we also managed to fit in a lengthy breakfast and cribbage session at the addington coffee co-op, a la last winter. definitely a sweet weekend.

now, back to my sage-oliveleaf-ginger-lemon-honey tea and perhaps a page or two of shantaram (i'm over halfway through now).

love to you blogfolk

Sunday, April 04, 2010

my hands are wrecked.
there is nothing, NOTHING, ok about this. it is the most demoralising depressing thing. i can't do the simplest things, and it is driving me fucking crazy.
rant over.