Sunday, January 31, 2010


i have just been informed that it's HOT in invercargill. what the hell!
why am i in shitty cold christchurch when i could be living it up in a tshirt in a town far closer to antarctica? that is just so damn wrong. the fact that i am irrationally angry about it really does speak volumes about what a lack of vitamin D does for one's mood. summer is not meant to be a time of angry shivering, yet this is what i have been reduced to. i know it is fruitless to be angry at the weather, and yet i (and many other chch'ers) just can't seem to help it this summer. i feel like i've been thoroughly ripped off! three weeks into my new house, and i am already planning on moving to australia, and not only for the money. climate is a big part of it too.
ok, rant over. today is actually beautiful. the wind is cold, but the sunshine makes up for it. i've had a lovely day, starting with coffee down the road and then a leisurely bike ride over to the local market for a couple of bargains. then back home to ready the house for more visitors. the sunday craft sessions continue! i spent it going through a box of old paintings, very entertaining. i painted a lot of shit, some of it is probably even recorded on here. though i did find a very cool fish drawing in pastel, which will make a good gift for the hazelnut.
now i am very much enjoying some time alone at home, listening to new music recommended by darling mr. fish (la roux, mumford & sons, lykke li) and planning a craft project i have in the works.
tonight i'm off to see polka dot dot dot and jens lekman at the wunderbar. must make the most of these opportunities, although my natural leaning is towards hermitude. i'm sure the gig will be brilliant though, so the money time drive people will be worth it. haha, such enthusiasm!
ok love you bye

Friday, January 22, 2010

house blog over this way...

click my pretty green link to be taken to the woolston wonderland that is my new blog. it doesn't mean i'll cast this one aside though... i have issues with letting go...
hey, you read my blog, you probably already know that about me.

:-) i hope you are happy, blogfriends.

love from me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


i have a house now. it is very pretty, with clean walls and wooden floors. and a big big garden.