Thursday, June 24, 2004


*scrub blackened chick-pea pot that has been sitting outside in the cold for 3 weeks.

*scrub dog-shit shoes that have been sitting out in the cold for at least a month.

*put more money on layby-ed boots, which means going all the way to white-trash mall in undesirable area of chch

*buy toilet paper from horrible butcher that smells of fat and gristle

*paint '32' onto newly-sprayed letterbox. (gold and silver if you were wondering)

*catch insects for billy-fritz. a fucking ordeal in this weather... no moths to be seen, and the soil is so crap that i can't find even one worm... poor froggie is starving...


*smoked too many cigarettes

*watched cool footage on "frida" soundtrack cd

*wandered a few blogs

*dyed hair a horrendous shade of yellow, in preparation for bright red. or pink if i'm unlucky... i'll get back to you on that one.

*drank coffee and ate toast with vegemite


*scream in horror at the shade my hair will [probably] turn out

*visit ariel at work and talk her into drinking coffee and smoking with me

*go out for *more* coffee with ami at the new and happening cafe...

*drop into shayne's for a pot-luck thingy

*go check out my brother's band, playing at the Dux tonight (go nae-nae!)

*smoke more cigarettes and feel shit afterwards... briefly contemplate giving up, and then do nothing about it.

so, kids, there you have it. my day off.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

so, apparently sarcastic wit doesn't necessarily point to intelligence...
yep, i scored 'less than average' in an IQ test. as you can imagine, i am swinging between hysteria and severe depression. aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!
i'm meant to be clever! i really am! but instead i am a slack-jawed yokel by the sounds of things. fuckety fuckety fuck.
and i intended to write something really astute about the whole thing, but it just isn't a happening thing. i actually had to stop and think of a word to use. i chose astute. see, up a couple of lines...
gaaa. i should go to bed. lots to do tomorrow, i've got to quit my job and sign up for the dole.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

woohoo, more pointless 'what colour is your inner monkey' quizzes! hooray for too much time on ones hands...

Friday, June 18, 2004

me Posted by Hello

yep, this is me. note the lack of mullet. not a great photo, but it'll just have to do.
i've been having dilemmas about posting pics of people on here. the privacy thing. hmm. just ain't sure. and it's kinda weird to realise that random passers by now know what i look like!
got a few things to figure out on the technical side of things too. bah, bloody technology.
ooo, big 2nd hand book sale tomorrow. yippeee! may many a bargain be found. going with my ma. and then to work. hoorooo. had to get a hold of myself today, a workmate started singing and my heart lurched...
unexpected. well, not entirely. i'm always a sucker for a good voice. *sigh*

Thursday, June 17, 2004

someone i miss a lot Posted by Hello

this girl is wonderful, i highly recommend her...
and i get to see her in, o, about half a year? which actually isn't long at all when you take into consideration that it's been nearly 4 years since we last saw each other.

and someone else i miss a lot too. (no, not me!) Posted by Hello

hasn't been nearly as long, but it still sucks that i can't give this boy a hug.

the mullet!  Posted by Hello
A -> Z
I found this questionnaire over at Jen's blog. Yes, another bloody questionnaire...

Act your age? Once in a while
Born on what day of the week? Wednesday.
Chore you hate? Mopping
Dad’s name? Roland
Essential makeup item? Yeah right
Favorite actor? umm...
Gold or silver? Definitely silver
Hometown? christchurch
Instruments you play? Guitar. badly. infact, it hardly even counts
Job title? Organic food bitch
Kids? erk
Living arrangements? 4 of us. And a cat and a dog and a frog.
Mom’s name? Frances.
Need? Friends and coffee, not necessarily in that order...
Overnight hospital stays? Nope
Phobias? Vomiting!!!
Quote you like? The marquis de sade recommends a simple breakfast... "a plain omelet eaten off the buttocks of a naked women, with an exceedingly sharp fork" (or something to that effect anyways)
Religious affiliation? None.
Siblings? Lots. They're all mad.
Time you wake up? During daylight hours
Unique talent? umm...
Vegetable you refuse to eat? Parsnip, especially when mashed with carrot. What is *with* that?
Worst habit? At the moment, smoking.
X-rays you’ve had? Teeth, ankle, arm
Yummy food you make? kumera and lentil pie, mmm.
Zodiac Sign? Capricorn.

Friday, June 11, 2004

to someone who has never watched the movie (for example, me) this will make little sense. but it fills time.


Which Princess Bride Character are You?
this quiz was made by mysti

Sunday, June 06, 2004

according to the gender genie i am "one butch chick"
ha ha. it thought i was a guy...
do i write like a guy? really?
today i drove out to little river (a small town about an hour away) and bought some great hand made cups and a bowl. very cool. good drive too... though a tad scary at times. it got really windy and my poor wee car was being blown around a bit.
my sister moved in today. temporarily. hope it goes ok... i haven't lived with her before. the biggest worry is how her dog and my cat will get along. hmm.
got myself in trouble recently... opened my big mouth when i *really* shouldn't have. oops. been kicking myself. i should've learned that lesson by now!

Saturday, June 05, 2004

i'm jinxed...

tonight i broke not one, but TWO keys in my car door. yes, really. very bad luck. the first one snapped off in the lock when i went to lock my car.. "o no" i though, "i'm fucked" ...but then i remembered i still had my spare in my bag from when i took the car to the mechanic last week. phew! so no big drama. got back in my car, drove to my destination, got out, put the key (2nd, remember) in the lock, turned it... and lo and behold i was holding another piece of mangled metal in my hand. aaaaaaargh!
so, now i really was fucked. and the most annoying part... my mobile was locked inside the car. anyways, the only good thing about the experience was that i got to drive my friend's very nice car home... mmm. so good. makes me want to get an automatic, preferrably one with a swipe card rather than a key. it must be my super-frog powers screwing with the molecular structure of the metal. yeah, that sounds like a good explanation. maybe i need special extra-strength metal keys. do they make those? us super-heroes have *such* a hard time.
and in other news:
*buena vista social club is coming to town, hooray! think i'm gonna go. it'll be so cool.
*i'm being sucked dry by a well-meaning emotional vampire. it hurts.
*my father is pissing off to the other side of the world for a few months. i'm meant to 'look after' my ma..
*reading a great book : travels with a circus. about a woman who joins a mexican circus, nice writing style
*i talked to the exiled pisciboy tonight. am missing him a lot today. want to *seeeee* him!
*my dear friend carlene is arriving back in town on christmas day... yay!
*i'm hating my job. it's just a phase, i need to take a few days off to clear my head. but that's impossible at the moment, as we have a bunch of newbies and a whole lot of long-timers (!) just left. so not a good time for me to be disappearing. *sigh*
*another friend did something really stupid tonight, against the very strong advice of 5 of her closest friends. wait for the fallout... [again]
*i opened my big mouth and fucked things up. been kicking myself over this one for a week or so now. stupid stupid stupid girl.
*still loving having short hair again.
*finally got round to buying cat food, but it's no bloody use to me or billy bob as it's locked in my car on the other side of town. doh!
*had a moment when my inherent cynicism was quelled, while reading a blog entry last night. wow.
ok, enough for now. write to me and tell me something funny. or ask me a question, i need something to blog about!

Thursday, June 03, 2004