Saturday, December 20, 2003

am at party. yes, party. not drinking tonight (bugger!). car is parked ages away (bugger!!).
all flatmates are here, one of them (not saying who, starts with 'm') is comatose. loooooza!
am off to have fun now, yehar.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

compewter stuff is madddening, yargle, gaaaa!
Hmm. I’m sure my father just called my mother a porky bitch. Perhaps not. In fact I’m sure that he wouldn’t have (sarky witch maybe…. ha ha, didn’t mean it mum). Isn’t hearing a joyous mystery?!? Perhaps not such a mystery if I’d payed attention in Bursary Biology. Hindsight: gotta love it.
Reading Fishboy’s blog today I came across something that struck a chord. How much personal stuff can you write in a journal of this nature? It’s not so much that I’m worried about strangers being able to see into my mind… more a case of being apprehensive about my friends reading what I write. Because, no doubt, there’s plenty to get offended over! And maybe a lot of my friends (for want of a better word…) are unaware of the vast, disturbing depths of my dark and evil side. Mwah hah hah…
Yes, anyway. It is a bit of a concern. Who do I give this address out to? So, dear readers, if you were guided to this site by my fine self I trust that you’ll take little offence, as a good deal of this is a load of bullshite, and the real stuff may well be thinly disguised with changed names and suchforth… you have been warned. Feel free to leave a disparaging or congratulatory comment, or condemning, consoling, convincing, just plain conning…
Ta da for now, sweet minions.
by the way, i'd recommend that a certain boy of the fishy nature takes heed of what i wrote a minute ago and SHUTS UP! enough of your nasty comments, i'm unimpressed. and that certainly doesn't bode well for you or your cat. kapish?
Another day, another entry. Blah. What a crappy shitty pooey stinky cruddy day. And if anyone has words of wisdom to share with me… just *shut up*. I really mean it. Truly. Just SHUT UP. And I also don’t want to hear that I’m a great friend, support, whatever. Shut up shut up shut up.

Monday, December 15, 2003

yeah, so. is it normal to use the c word in every sentence? yeah, i think it may be. at least with *some* people.... ( i don't necessarily mean Annie, but i might). heh. drinking beer of the nicest balcony in christchurch, it's a good life. but on wednesday i find out whether i get a job. good or bad? i don't know any more. i want it and i don't. because who really wants to work? work, blah blah blah, work. i don't even have the inspiration to bitch about it! isn't there a better alternative? i'd like to think so. shit, bollocks, arse. anyone with bright ideas, please send me a message...
looking forward to meeting lorna/brandene, sounds like a cool bitch. you know her? yeah, thought so. you've done her haven't you? you slut! don't tell Cam.
i gotta get me another beveredge. (was i meant to write that with an

ps. ooooh, just looked out the window and spotted some people hugging for a really long time. he was old, she young. isn't it fun to make up the stories of other peoples lives? mwah ha ha. it's like playing God (...who? no, i don't know either)
so, i've finally figured out how to create a new entry in this thing... why isn't it obvious? (shut up, fishboy)
todays fancy-pants saying is "ya ya ya swinemaster". thanks olipop. has so many useful applications! swine is a good word, isn't it? swine. i like it. someone (a smartass of the first order) mentioned the glaring spalling mestaek in the drivvel at the top of this page... and to him i say "shut up bitch, i meant to write 'indanity'. its cooool!"
so there, now i go and drinka da cofee with aforementioned smartass.
bye bye, speak soon.

Friday, December 12, 2003

well, my first words as a Blogger. wayhay!