Tuesday, May 30, 2006

off to aucky to see mich... yay!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


thank you all for your comments and support on my last post. it really does mean a lot.
on saturday tracey and i decided to end our relationship. initially her idea, but when i got honest... my thoughts lately have been very much focussed on whether or not i was wanting to be there anymore.
there are many reasons for which we made our decision. i don't want to write about them yet, but i think i will soon. (and i don't mind you asking questions)
so, where are we at now? well, i'm not too sure. we are still in love (sometimes i think more so than ever) and still want each other emotionally/mentally/sexually.
we think we've made the right choice, but there is still a lot of confusion in both of our hearts over it.
we've settled on trying for a slow parting. no sudden wrench.
how does one fall out of love deliberately?
people, if you have any advice for me please do share it.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


tonight my girl went to councelling with her ex husband. which is a good thing. they've got shit to sort out, especially as we plan on leaving town in a few months. best to make a start at the healing before we go.
but do i feel good about it?
hell no.
i'm shitting myself. not because i think she wants him back, but because maybe she doesn't want me around while she gets her head/heart around that one. am i just a hinderance to her now that the initial sparkle seems to have diminished somewhat?
you know what? i'm bloody miserable at the moment, so there.
i'm *so* looking forward to my [however shortlived] escape to auckland.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


pink fish green fish
swim fish
splash splish


"What did you do today?" I hear you ask.

Well, I sent a bucket of tahini to Mt. Lyford.
And I renamed Lisa's child. PoobyRoo she shall be from now forth.
And I came home and made dinner (mac cheese with no mac and no cheese as such).
And I booked a flight to go visit Michelle in Auckland for a few days in a few weeks, coz she makes me smile and I loves her. Lots.
And now I plan on putting on a load of washing and going to bed. Pottery tomorrow, first of this term.

ps. fb is back-ish