Monday, May 28, 2007


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it's got to be done.. go look at her photostream now. how beautiful are her drawings? i am loving loving loving the dictionary series. such yummy colours!
i was going to go on a good old ramble, but the fluorescent lighting seems to have sucked my brain out of my skull, leaving a dull ache and a blank smile. i do so have to save my dollars and buy a computer...
oh, and i admitted to having a blog to a workmate the other day, so yeah... hahah, will i have to censor even more of what i say now?
you can check her out here by the way...
the sort of blog that makes me cringe in embarrassment at the mess which is frogstar world e. eep!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

hello blog
i'm having a great day. work was a lot of fun, i am becoming friends with my workmates. good times! so good to be back in an environment where i'm laughing and relaxing and getting stuff done while having a blast.
i'm glad i made this move to melbourne. last night i was so homesick, knowing that many of my friends were partying together. i'd have loved so much to have been there with them. but it's ok, because i'll go back to visit. i hope to make it back at least once before the end of the year, maybe in september. making friends here makes it easier. it actually scares me a bit, imagining going home to chch and then having to tear myself away again, would it make me miserable on my return to melbourne?
oh well, i have at least a couple of months to get my head around that one.
i've been spending time with one of my housemates. somehow we always come around to the subject of embarrassing things we've done in the past. or relationship fuck ups! many many many. all good though in retrospect, i can't say there's much i regret.
oh, apart from the brisbane holiday... haha.
ok time now to go and eat vege soup with my sister and watch The Holiday... oh lord, what a shit film that is. i had the misfortune of watching it on the plane over here.. and now she's got it out. oh well, i shall smile and enjoy at least chilling out for a couple of hours. she's a good sister and it's nice hanging out with her.
goodnight, blogpeeps.
love to you.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i am fucked off with how fucked up relationships get. in so very many ways.
i am fucked off about stupid dynamics
now for some nice stuff. today i discovered an organic cafe near-ish to my place. the coffee was average to good, and gets extra marks for being organic and fairly traded. not nearly enough of the cafe's in this city use ethical coffee. it's been raining for most of today, fat drops which send melbournians scurrying for cover. i love that everyone here is so positive about rain these days, a big mindset change due to the drastic lack of water. it's a scary thought.
i am sick of this noisy net cafe, silly boys on rolly chairs playing loud games. oh for my very own notebook in the comfort of my snuggly bedroom...
i'm going to eat pizza with michelle now.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

it's funny how something that really doesn't affect you can throw you none the less.
today at work someone got fired. though i knew it was coming it still shook me, more than i expected. i ended up feeling a bit shaky and unfocussed for the rest of my shift, silly eh.
i was feeling homesick too, so probably that didn't help with brushing it off. aah well, i'm just glad it wasn't me either doing the firing, or being fired.
tomorrow will bring smiles.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Awesome Busker II
Originally uploaded by Dr Snafu.
this guy is freakin' awesome!
creepy creepy hilariously awesome.
i laughed so hard when i heard him that i staggered about 3 blocks too far up the road before i realised that i'd way overshot my mark.
thank you, dr. snafu, for the pic... my photos are way worse and stuck on my memory card till i visit my sister and use her computer next week.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


tonight i rekindled a friendship with a man i haven't seen in six and a half years. my dear sweet 'uncle' tim, with whom i shared many a mad night out when i lived here in sydney back in 2000.
i cringe to think of that drunken teenager i was back then ~ i was lucky to have tim keeping an eye on me. he looked out for me and made sure i didn't get into too much trouble, and we had a whole lot of fun together!
so here i am, seven years since my first foray to aus, a very different girl indeed. such a long way away from that drunken teenager with her tongue down a different boy's throat each weekend. how embarrassing to remember that and to know that last time i saw tim that's what i was! luckily for me he must've seen more than that, seen enough to stay in touch when i moved back to nz at the end of that year. we haven't had a lot of contact, but enough. an occasional email along the lines of hello i still think of you , love you, etc. and finally finally we found the opportunity to meet up again!
i'd wondered briefly if it'd be awkward, if too much had changed, but no, he's still the same dear tim. it was such a wonderful experience, sitting there with him catching up on each others lives, and realisng that all the time in between meet-ups doesn't matter ~ we're the sort of friends that can just pick up where we left off!
what i had planned on being "a drink" became a long evening out, walking and talking and listening to a brilliant gypsy band at The Basement. i bought their cd as much to remember tonight as for their beautiful sounds.
i know now that tim and i will stay close, and i'll see him whenever i come to sydney. i'm so thankful for his friendship.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


the bitch i came to visit won't dain to grace me with his presence.
i gave him a pretty pink flower and then made him coffee and yet still i am having to make my own fun. so grumbling about him on here it is! heh. that said, we did have a very nice day yesterday wandering around many a book/cd/dvd shop. i bought the one book i didn't have in a series that i've loved since i was 10. i also got a book on the organic scene in australia, i think it'll be a useful one.
oh, and i bought grace by jeff buckley (have you heard his cousin greg? very cool) which i already have but only in dodgy pirated form. so now i have the real deal and when i buy a cd player i can listen to it and get 'deliciously sad'.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

hello blog
i bring you this post from sunny sydney.
fishboy's spare room to be exact. and actually i don't know if it's sunny because i haven't been outside yet.
i'm making the most of being not-quite-full-time at work yet.
i plan on checking out the gallery and drinking coffee (pff, of course!) and tomorrow night i'm going to have a drink with a friend from days gone by. and rebecca from my old piko life is here too, so we'll play.
good times to be had!
work is going well. i'm settling in and finding that it's hard work holding back my natural cheekiness. and on many occasions i fail~ but that seems to be ok, they take it well and give as good as i do.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


so yesterday i ate porridge (which one should NEVER pay $8.50 for, no matter how good it may be) at Caffe a Torte (or something) with mich whose company of course was brilliant, as ever.
then i scuttled down to southern cross station and found me a train to geelong. it took about an hour to get there, which was fine as i had a good book (the poisonwood bible, not to be mistaken for the moosewood cookbook!) and an incredible beautiful girl on the seat across from me. i sent my buddy jai a text when i was nearly there and she said she'd come get me. cool bananas!
in the time i had before she was due i wandered around johnson park and geelong gallery, both of which are lovely. there was an exhibition on by a guy from queensland, don't ask me his name, but the show was called some thing like in the gardens of good and evil. brilliant colours. his series series of waterlily paintings were like revved up monet, bright almost fluorescent yellows and hot pinks and turquoise. yum!
so jai arrived and texted to see where i was and after a brief game of hide and seek we laid eyes on each other.. for the first time in the real world! it really is quite a bizarre experience to meet someone for reals who you've been communicating with via various techmalogical mediums for years.
she is bloody awesome, really she is. what a darling.
she took me back to her place in clifton springs and i got to meet her lovely girlfriend alex and their kids (one boy each, a 13 year old for jai and a wee cutie 5 year old with a french accent for alex). it was so nice to spend time with them all, and i felt really at ease just hanging out and enjoying their company.
that's the cool thing about making friends online, when you finally do meet if often just feels totally normal.
i'll visit again soon. for sure.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hello blog
i've been a bit lax this week haven't i.
probably due to the fact that i just did 40 hours at a new job, and that has been occupying all my mind space!
it's good though. good to have some routine, good to have some new faces, good to have some faces becoming familiar.
i have today and tomorrow off. this morning i am going to meet michelle for breakfast and then i'm going to find a train to geelong and go visit a net-friend who i haven't met before but have been chatting to for a couple of years. so yay to that!
my tummy is rumbly.