Sunday, July 31, 2005


tied torsos
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hey beautiful

i can't help myself, i gotta keep emailing you and telling you how much i feel for you... like you... care for you... enjoy you... want you...

this smile just won't go away. these feelings keep on bubbling up. i catch myself mid-sentence falling silent as another memory grabs hold of me...

so many things i want to share with you, experience with you. so much i want to discover with you. so many places i want to go, things i want to do...

i want more walks on beaches, more nonsensical smiles, more giggling, more luscious hours curled up around you. more sweet kisses and warm skin... more time...

Thursday, July 28, 2005


piko club
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i've created a little project for myself... a website following the expansion of my PikoWorld. basically i'm going to spend happy hours with my friendly blue camera buddy (M, i love ya) taking countless pics.. most of which won't make it onto that site.
loving the fresh way of looking at things that having a camera as an eye brings. detail detail detail, yummy.
things i want more of in my life in the near future:
tom yum soup, vegetarian.
art, my own in particular.
excursions and expeditions, a la Pooh.
(not green skin, despite what some of you might think about my froggy origins)
ok, that's enough for now. if y'all got any suggestions as to how i might acquire this stuff, give me a holla. cheers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


bright bird
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yeah, so i been painting again... a little. just playing and letting it happen.. and what's happening is so far from what i expected that i just have to smile. a *bird* for chrissake! guess there's still a bit of childlike innocence in me afterall.

Monday, July 25, 2005


um... feeling ripped off?
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this is a little odd.
i thought there were laws about that kinda thing.
aah well, i guess the story is probably that ceres bought out zito. meh, who knows. i got nothing.
just woke up to another beautiful winter day half gone... 12 hours sleep to make up for a week of stupidity when it came to rest and relaxation.
my eyes are all hot and sticking out. i feel like alex.
went walking on the beach yesterday, so so nice... a perfect day.. warm and crisp and blue and sunny and still and fresh. the company was good, miss T, very few words, just content silence. nice to truly chill out.
bck to work today. bring on the madness...

Saturday, July 23, 2005

i'm loving t, playing b, missing c.
i'm aching.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i told her it was important to me that we didn't yet. because i didn't want it to be something she felt bad about.
i promised that i'd stop her and stop myself.
i broke that promise.
i feel awful.
it was amazing.

Monday, July 18, 2005

so much to say, so few words.
i'm not going to say it.
i should be in bed.

Monday, July 11, 2005


staff dinner last night: sumptuous wine, fabulous food, delightful company. one of those nights that just *works*. we have a good crew at the moment. which is a lucky thing as piko is about to be turned upside down.. it's expansion time. think mud, drills, machinery, planks, tripping, excavation. think stress, think mania. think a brand new play-space for the pikolettes in a few months.
exciting times.
so anyway, the title of this post no doubt has you intrigued.
i work with a few people of non-english-speaking origin. and obviously this can lead to much mirth and confusion... often simultaneously. our dutch friend had, a few weeks ago, been regaling some of us with her story of when she met a beaver last year in holland. "so cute!"... "so furry" ... "so soft!" ... "suprisingly big" ... you get the picture. she was impressed, and stoked to have met her 'first beaver'. mwahhahahaha, oh the fun, the laughter, the sniggering, the belly-holding... eventually we let on. she was suitably embarassed, and admitted that it did explain the odd looks she'd previously received on telling this fine tale.
well last night we were recounting this event, in the company of two german workmates. *blank looks*...*giggling from the dodgy crass kiwis* .. the highlight was when german-one realised that we weren't actually going to tell her what a beaver was... and stated to her girlfriend (let's call her german-two)... "no beaver tonight then" which point T lost her drink. yes, sprayed a mouthful across the room.. choked, spluttered, scarpered. leaving us to at last enlighten our german comrades. aah, how i love the ins and outs of the english language *happy smile*
i just thought i'd share that little gem.
oh, and the other highlight.. i almost forgot.. was when T opened a bottle of champers and killed a fly. poor wee thing never saw that big old cork coming. and the funny bit: T felt *bad*. bloody vegan.
hope you've all had a weekend as joyous as mine.

Friday, July 08, 2005


socks and sandals close up
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yeah, we know how to live it up at Piko.
so... guess who the colourful feet are attached to?
yeah, course it's me. Playthings' to the left. the boys' to the right.

Thursday, July 07, 2005


hey london buddies.. hope you're all ok... sending good thoughts your way. eek, scary stuff.


so tomorrow at work we're dressing to a theme... socks and sandals. yup, you read it right. this is the sort of mischief i used to get up to at work all the time. bored??..pick a theme. we haven't done it in a while... new friday crew, but it's BACK and better than ever. i've decided to give spot prizes to customers wearing the appropriate attire... probably chocolate. mmm.
i'll let you know how it goes... no doubt you'll be on the edges of your swivelly chairs.
till then...
x e

Monday, July 04, 2005


setting the scene: family dinner, all the girls (an aunt, 2 cousins, 2 sisters, mum, grandma, the token bloke.. my uncle). random inconsequential conversation. food. drinks (non alcoholic of course).

grandma: things have changed since my day you know
everyone else: *murmer murmer* oh yes, have they...
grandma. yes. like the gay marriage
everyone: *silence* *edge of seats* *furtive glances at the queer* (erm, me)
grandma: i mean.. *pause*... men with men. or even.. *pause* women with women.
everyone: *more glances*
me: *sniggering but trying to hide it*
grandma: *big pause*.. it's just that individually they can be SUCH nice people
everyone: *...*

yup, that's it. she elaborates no further. conversation returns back to building permits and haircuts and the history of christianity.

Friday, July 01, 2005

this not-flirting thing isn't going so well. it's not that i'm unhappy with it... it's just not HAPPENING! there's too much fun to be had. admittedly i'm being pretty good, but when she starts it.. well, all's fair.