Sunday, May 24, 2009

every blog i look at was updated yesterday!
what is with you people? how do you manage it?
i am in awe and also grumbly.

i've got a great sunday lined up, coffee and cribbage (the new winter addiction!) at the addington coffee co-op (brilliant cafe with good tunes and couches and a stick-around feel) followed by a craft session accompanied by mulled wine. not bad eh.
craft is the word of the minute... so much to do, so little time! i am going up north to visit lisa and do a craft market, and as yet i have verrrry little prepared.
lucky for me i have lots of friends who are gently pushing me along, haha, because my stress levels are such that they are almost immobilising.
why don't i learn?

in other news, i am planning a northern hemisphere adventure for next year. a couple of months of real holiday, and lots of visiting of friends!


Friday, May 22, 2009


you know what sucks?

cracked fingertips so sore it makes every little task an ordeal

some bastard driving into the back of your van and not leaving even a note

overlockers and sewing machines

on the brighter side, the dux does great nachos and i have plenty of lovely workmates to enjoy a friday evening ginger tom with.
and tomorrow, though a long day at work, is the last day of my week and then i get to breeeathe. yay!

yup, the good still outweighs the bad.