Tuesday, September 27, 2005

delicious besottment, oozing... creeping... lava-like... burning...
where will it lead?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

i love this. have a look when you've got a free minute.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Seven Things I Plan To Do Before I Die

1. have a book published
2. spend time in mexico
3. yoga
4. exhibit paintings (mine)
5. love being me
6. own a business
7. drink coffee with michelle

Seven Things I Can Do

1. sarcasm
2. type with all my fingers
3. make a girl cum
4. get stuck
5. cook quinoa and couscous to perfection
6. hold a tune
7. speak proper ( i just choose not to)

Seven Things I Can Not Do

1. any sort of gymnastical move, including headstand
2. hold back giggles
3. roll my Rs
4. speak another language
5. eat mashed parsnip
6. be nice when i don't mean it
7. changer a washer

Seven Things That I Find Really Attractive About The Opposite Sex

1. their arms
2. their solidness
3. their ability to change washers and the like.
4. they can be cute and geeky and all shy and stuff
5. their height
6. there must be something else... *wracking brain*
7. i'll get back to ya.

Seven Things That I Find Really Attractive About The Same Sex

1. their hands
2. their bodies
3. their gentleness
4. their freckles
5. their strength.
6. their laughter
7. their sounds

Seven Things I Say The Most

1. wot?
2. 4 o'clock
3. you're cute.
4. fucksticks
5. cool.
6. hello, piko wholefoods...
7. i don't know, sorry

Seven Books I Love

1. the bone people, keri hulme
2. on mexican time, tony cohan
3. clear your clutter with feng shui, karen kingston
4. the devil's cup, stuart lee allen
5. the fires of bride, ellen galford
6. the blue lawn, william taylor
7. whale rider, witi ihimaera

Thursday, September 15, 2005


meee: check out this pic...hang on...
meee: a car did this. it's the barbadoes side of the building.

fb: woah. That's full on
fb: I take it the car is worse off?
me: yeah. and they took out this too...

me: so no power... which meant no tills and all the coolers were becoming salmonella-storage-units
fb: yeech
me: yuppers
me: we assumed it was a boyracer, luckily it happened before any of us arrived. pretty full-on start to our piko day thought! police and insurance guys and guy trying to reconnect power..etc
fb: did they catch the boyracer?
me: then a couple of hours later this older guy comes in and tells us it was him.. taxi driver. swerved to avoid ducks. hehe.
me: he was really cute .. said "i'm a vegetarian and i had to avoid the ducks and i can't BELIEVE i hit a vegetarian store" hahahha
fb: classic!
fb: that's so brilliant
me: poor guy, it must've really shaken him up... it was a pretty hearty smash
fb: you *have* to blog that
me: yeah, guess i do huh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

girl with roses

girl with roses
Originally uploaded by frogstarstrikesagain.

a post for my newest reader...
hello there blue-eyed cutie.
welcome to my little world. put your feet up, make yourself at home.
and just close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears if it gets too much.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

check out this. link thanks to this guy.
i feel like i'm talking to myself when i blog these days.
is there anybody out there?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


oli, that infamous kazoo-playing buddy of mine, has become a dad.
i'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now!
my first close friend to have a kid.
so i gotta book a ticket to wellie in the next few months!
here's a bit of the email he sent:
"I am the proudest Dad in the world, Olivia is the most beautiful little baby
girl I have ever seen but I am a bit biased and I sat and cried my eyes out in total happiness."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


ouch ouch ouch
what do i do now? her [ex]husband has started sending me emails.
i'm fucking shattered. no idea what to do with this.
i'm not replying to them, but i sure as hell don't want him to keep writing to me.
there's only so much of this i can take. the guilt is pretty immense right now, i feel like a fucking loser. and i know that it's mostly
his shit not mine, but fuck it hurts.
i just want to be curled up with people who care about me and i can't have that, i've got to keep this damn smile on my face and pretend like i'm coping just fine. and right now i'm not. i want a fucking hug. so so so much.
what the fuck do i do now?
tell me, someone.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


magnetic funk played at the dux last night, fabulous local 5 piece funk and soul outfit. i'd seen them once before and quite frankly, they are the best live music i've discovered in an age and a half.
i had been having a shitter of a day and was feeling physically revolting.. but i was totally looking forward to a night out with the girl, and our two buddies. so when T told me she wasn't going to make it i was a little upset. but i thought fuck it, i can either stay at home and be sad and worry about her, or i can go and have a good night with two awesome friends. i chose the latter, and i'm so very glad i did.
great to get up and have a dance, it's not something i do often.. but it felt good to just get over it and have fun, get into it, let go a bit. and funk has gotta be the best form of music to get funky to. *giggling*
so although i was girl-less, i had a fabulous night. actually i think it was better for being out without her. i needed a break from all the emotion... it's pretty intense at the moment. lots going on, lots on my mind, lots of moments of almost-angst (i control them on the whole... twitch twitch).
HOOOORAY for funk and hooray for my funking friends. hooray for ginger tom, hooray for being hit on by 2 very odd boys (whyyyy, i ask..), hooray for not nearly enough sleep last night. so that's where i'm going now... back to bed. call me if you need me.

ps. it was new moon last night, in virgo...
"Though it can be hard to do, this is the New Moon to realize that we each have a duty to heal ourselves by reaching out to heal others. The secret is when you heal the pain around you; you end up healing your own pain as well. So look to those less fortunate and in need of your help: they are your salvation and the true path to healing your own internal suffering. And by the way, you can't heal the planet if you won't take responsibility for your own health and well-being."
©2005 Lisa Dale Miller