Monday, December 14, 2009


*organised a craft market, which went surprisingly smoothly.

*watched the time travellers wife, and though i didn't love it, it was pretty alright. better than expected, but then i did have very low expectations.

*bought my first house! it's oh so sweet and i get possession in a little under a month.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

i just had a head-fuck moment when i realised that i was almost a grandmother.
crikey. *shudder*

Monday, October 05, 2009

hello blogpeeps
i have neglected you again. life is pleasantly busy these days! lots of socialising. a fair amount of working. days off tend to fill up very quickly! and no way am i complaining.
the sunday craft sessions are still going strong, it's become more of a knitting circle as that seems to be the craft of choice these days. i am still very tentative, and find knitting recipes quite hard to decipher. but it's so good to have a group to do it with!
crafty J is in town at the moment, yesterday we spent a lovely afternoon taking photos of peeling paint and the likes, followed by pizza at the dux (yum!) and 4 episodes of Spaced which is my new favourite thing. well new favourite tv show at least.
in other new favourites:
**roller derby!** such an awesome spectator sport. i first went in melbourne, and then in chch a couple of weeks ago. best sport ever. chicks in fishnets belting each other... weeeeeeeee! sadly i have zero sense of balance, so i shan't be trying it out myself. i will stick to cheering from the bleachers. from a photography perspective, it's really hard to get good shots. way too fast, every photo i took is a blur.
peppy, my golden wagon of happiness, is back on the road. this pleases me. i shall not think about the monetary cost of getting peppy back in action, suffice to say that i am feeling a little broke at the moment. and i still need to get the timing chain replaced, whatever that means. i hope it means less racket from the general engine area. so it must be time to plan a few trips! at least as far as kaikoura to pick up sis&boy in a couple of weeks. and then perhaps a trip to visit J and M in motueka in the next couple of months, i am so looking forward to sleeping in the van again!
in other news, i am growing tomatoes from seed, a variety called Tigerella (they're striped!). so far most of my seeds have come up, but are looking very spindly. i plan on having a somewhat portable garden this season, lots of veges in pots so that i can take them with me when i move house at the end of november. perhaps i could start a dashboard herb garden in peppy. there is plenty of space where cactus jack used to live.. *sniff*
(van got stolen, found it, minus my darling dashboard cowboy cactus jack. and they took my builders tape measure and gas cooker too.)
ok, gotta scoot, time to get on with this day!
smooooches to you lot

Friday, August 07, 2009

it's springy.
the sun is shining (!) and has actual warmth in it (!) and people are smiling again!
phew. i intend to make the most of it before the next cold snap. some people call me a pessimist when i say that... but i consider myself more of a realist. it's the same every year, some beautiful warm days and the blossom comes out and the sheepies start dropping lambs all over the sunny green paddocks. then, low and behold, a cold snap. pictures of dead lambs on all the newspapers' front pages.
mark my words.

in other news, i am back at the opawa house again. for 4ish months, it's a doable timeframe. i shall do my best to be a sweet and lovely daughter, it certainly helps having a moving-out date in mind already! so, this is a grand opportunity to save as much money as i can for my northern hemisphere adventure next year.
but i won't be saving money when i'm frollicking in melbourne in a couple of weeks. yippeee! am very very much looking forward to seeing my melbourne amigos, and immersing myself in big city life for a few days.
for now though it's off to work for me, i have herb teas to pack.
with love,

Thursday, July 16, 2009


my friend corrina directed me over to an interesting blogpost by a man named mark... have a read
it really is funny how a lack of comments really affects my desire to post on this here blogski! because surely blogging isn't about what you get back, right?
wrong. of course it is. i am here for some sort of human contact, as strange as that seems. yes, i write about myself. yes it's a place for me to just dribble whatever is on my mind into a blank box. but it's also somewhere where i feel at home, and i like to invite friends into my home!
i've made some good friends through blogging. i've read some inspiring things too. and once in a while i've managed to upset someone, which makes me more cautious than i'd like to be!

in keeping with the spirit of letting y'all in, i'll do a ramble!

life at the moment. it's good. i am managing fairly well to keep the winter blues at bay. and am REALLY remembering why i swore i wouldn't have another christchurch winter for a few years. well so much for that! though i did manage to miss two while in australia.
i have discovered some great ways of keeping happy and entertained this winter! cribbage is one. yes, that old card game that your grandpa played. it's and it involves basic mathematical brain usage, so it's good for me! hooray! i've taken to playing cribbage on sunday afternoons with a bunch of friends from work, usually at our favourite coffee joint, the addington coffee co-op. and after a game of crib, we scurry off to someone's house and we craft! yes! knitting and sewing and darning and scrawling. it's such a brilliantly happy-making habit to get into. at last! i've wanted to get this sort of thing happening for so long, it's just GREAT to finally be doing it. my crafty friend J is moving away from here, so there is even talk of having internet craft sessions. so high tech! ;-)
in other news, i am about to move out of my ever so lovely house. the reason being that my ever so lovely flatmates are about to have a baby! exciting times indeed, i am sad to be leaving this beautiful place but very happy to be making room for the newest member of the clan.
i'm going to stay at the parents' for a few months, with the plan of moving into another house in december. i need that plan, or i'd go crazy being back with ma and pa. and it's really handy that they're away when i move in, so i'll have the house to myself for a couple of weeks. i'm also looking forward to going to melbourne for a few days next month. bit of a girls' trip, with the added bonus of sorting out the stuff i have stored over there. yay for seeing my melbourne friends and my brothers and drinking lots of coffee at degraves espresso and ray and retro.
right, i'm going to wrap this up now. that coffee really got my fingers going...
big love to you, dear readers.
feel free to leave a comment...
(now that you know how much i crave them)


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i'm outta here like a bald man!

yup, off to the big smoke of fielding for fun and games with lisa and the girls. oh yeah, and that pesky market too.
lots of fun stuff is going on in my world at the moment, a documentary about piko for example! and yes, i will be in it. eek! the interview was nerve wracking and i'm sure i came across as an utter twit. aah well, such is life!
went to a film called Vivere last night, a german one in the Outtakes queer film festival that's on here at the moment. the company was better than the film.
ok airport shuttle is here.. must scamper!

till next time

Sunday, May 24, 2009

every blog i look at was updated yesterday!
what is with you people? how do you manage it?
i am in awe and also grumbly.

i've got a great sunday lined up, coffee and cribbage (the new winter addiction!) at the addington coffee co-op (brilliant cafe with good tunes and couches and a stick-around feel) followed by a craft session accompanied by mulled wine. not bad eh.
craft is the word of the minute... so much to do, so little time! i am going up north to visit lisa and do a craft market, and as yet i have verrrry little prepared.
lucky for me i have lots of friends who are gently pushing me along, haha, because my stress levels are such that they are almost immobilising.
why don't i learn?

in other news, i am planning a northern hemisphere adventure for next year. a couple of months of real holiday, and lots of visiting of friends!


Friday, May 22, 2009


you know what sucks?

cracked fingertips so sore it makes every little task an ordeal

some bastard driving into the back of your van and not leaving even a note

overlockers and sewing machines

on the brighter side, the dux does great nachos and i have plenty of lovely workmates to enjoy a friday evening ginger tom with.
and tomorrow, though a long day at work, is the last day of my week and then i get to breeeathe. yay!

yup, the good still outweighs the bad.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


Coffee and morning chats with Ra, followed by a drive to Sumner with the lovely Karen for foods and drinks and looks at pretty things.

I got a present!

A beautiful beautiful notebook of gorgeousness. Yes, the picture is backwards, I took it using PhotoBooth as I am too lazy to do it properly, hooking the camera up again is beyond my capability right now!

Then I came home and made feijoa chutney with Marce, it smelled so good and it was easy enough to make and our jars sealed just fine. Yum!

T'was then time for dinner with Ra and Megs, another Allard St feast, followed by a happy hour or so piecing bits together in my visual diary.

Must be bed time now!

Monday, April 20, 2009


packing a camera or two
packing a picnic
checking oil and water
filling up with fuel

it's photography adventure time!

i'm heading out into the wilds with my friend tania, who is doing a photography course. i bagsed the postion of chief photography buddy... which she doesn't mind, as it also means chief chauffeur! i am just looking forward to getting out of town for a few hours, even if i don't get any shots i'm stoked with.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Love and Be Loved

have i mentioned recently how much i love michael leunig's work?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

so much treasure!
today: a little cardboard suitcase filled with plastic cereal box planes.
any creative cats out there want to suggest what i could do with them?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Originally uploaded by frogstarstrikesagain
little black duck all alone

Sunday, March 29, 2009


life interferes with art, the past interferes with the heart, she interferes with me.
addiction creeps up slowly, surely. suddenly i am gasping, out of water, craving and wishing... disintegrating...
turquoise ink and bright words combat the sinking, but only for a short while. driving is next. movement, quick glimpses of other places and other lives, the soft haze that speed lends to edges and foregrounds.

Monday, March 09, 2009

i've decided (perhaps rashly) to have a bash at's 26 things.

The list is now up for the 26 Things March 2009 hunt!

1. sound
2. press
3. turn
4. label
5 . wheels
6. silence
7. new
8 . old
9. list
10. creep
11. stand off
12. admiration
13. mess
14. always
15. half
16. strings
17. hallway
18. grand
19. graffiti
20. juicy
21. instrument
22. logo
23. on the horizon
24. yawn
25. bump
26. macro

wish me luck!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Foreign Ambulance Sirens

i heart bill bailey.
what's not to love?

yeah, i have pretty much given up writing real blog posts...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


totally my new favourite film.