Wednesday, June 27, 2007


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pictured: manna cakes, we sell them at work. the icing sugary ones are raspberry brownies, and the flaky ones are hazelnut praline. so so yum.
i am having the best time with vic, she is gorgeous and it feels like we've known each other for years.. hah.
another interweb success story, three years of chatting really does make for a solid friendship. it'll be sad to see her go on friday, broken hill is a long way away for a visit. not something i can do on a weekend.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

there's blue sky outside! i can see strips of it through the blinds. i am in bed. i am blogging in bed! life is good. actually i need to get a table, i can see myself becoming a cripple at this rate.. hunched over my 'puter on the floor.
it'd be such a good day for taking a turn through the botanic gardens, coffeeing at degraves espresso, taking in an exhibition or two. i'm working though, so none of that for me! i shall scrub and vacuum and tidy and serve customers and have a laugh with my workmates, sunday is our get-things-done day. always a fun shift, especially as i get to work a whole shift with the ever adorable miss james. what a cutie.
vic arrives tomorrow night. vic, my outback interwebs friend who i have known for years but have never met. aside from all the bullshit circumstances for her being up this way at all, i am very much looking forward to spending a few days hanging out with her. which reminds me i need to go and buy another duvet today.
now it's time to get up and make the most of the sunshine before i go to work, have a fabulous day blogfriends.
love, e

Saturday, June 23, 2007


readers, i have something to tell you.

i have taken a mistress.

she makes me smile.
soft, so smooth to touch
i think she likes me.

yes, blogfolk, i bought me a macbook.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


i just booked a flight home, for four days. so if you're around chch from the 6th to 10th august, i want to see you!
buy me coffee and i'll tell you about my adventures (because for some reason i am unable to spit them out into this compose box).
i am a little worried that going home will just make me more homesick, but i'm still very very excited about the prospect!
i just texted tracey to tell her, she is going to come and pick me up and i am going to give her the biggest hug ever. ohhh, yummm, all those delicious chch darlings to hug and snug and grin at.
i feel so much better for booking those flights!

Friday, June 15, 2007


i was sitting on the tram home last night, feeling good about a fun evening out.
i half noticed a girl get on, mainly because she was talking on her phone.
lost in my thoughts, i wasn't paying much attention to my surrounds. people got off, people got on (seems to be the way with trams) and at some point i looked up and she was facing me, a few rows back. very very cute. we smiled and looked away. i sneaked another look, just as she did, which sent us both giggling and blushing. so funny. she hid in her hood, and i just sat there looking out the window and grinning.
of course the thing to do would've been to have approached her... but did i? of course not.
silly me.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


i have the time to read these days, what a luxury! there are definate benefits to having few friends in melbourne, and no computer at home. i love to read, i really really do. it's so nice to have all these opportunities to do it.. trams, trains, lunch breaks, bedtime.. you can be sure to find me with a book in hand.
i've decided to read as many australian books as i can, in an attempt to get the feeling of this country. a few weeks back i went into a fairly decent second hand book shop in st. kilda, and was a little disappointed when the woman working there couldn't recommend me any female australian writers aside from sylvia plath.
but, all is not lost! i am lucky to have acquired kj as my self-appointed personal librarian. and even luckier that it appears she has brilliant taste!
the first book she leant me was The Monkey's Mask by dorothy porter. a crime thriller written in verse, it left me with a burst of enthusiasm and excitement for words that i haven't felt so strongly in quite some time.
the next book i read was Eucalyptus, by murray bail. i bought it on the recommendation of the aforementioned woman at the st. kilda bookshop. it is "highly acclaimed" and all the rest... but did zilch for me. a story about a guy who obsesses over eucalypts and makes a rather wacky decision to marry his daughter off to whoever can name every species on his nsw property.
thankfully kj saved the day with kate grenville's The Secret River, which is a beautifully written account of william thornhill's life as a convict sent to australia. i haven't really been drawn to historical fiction in a big way, but this book was so good. it offered a real sense of what it must've been like for those first settlers, thefeelings of isolation and fear and hope and opportunity. and the revolting way the 'savages' were treated, in reaction to the "depredations and outrages" they were perceived to be guilty of. sick sick stuff, i was brought to tears a few times. unfuckingbelievable.
on a lighter note, i saw a women's bookclub advertised the other day, i'm going to get in touch with the organisers, and i really hope that the meetings are at a time i can do. will be cool to meet people who are as nerdular as myself.
(no really, it's not just a way to meet girls...)