Monday, December 15, 2003

yeah, so. is it normal to use the c word in every sentence? yeah, i think it may be. at least with *some* people.... ( i don't necessarily mean Annie, but i might). heh. drinking beer of the nicest balcony in christchurch, it's a good life. but on wednesday i find out whether i get a job. good or bad? i don't know any more. i want it and i don't. because who really wants to work? work, blah blah blah, work. i don't even have the inspiration to bitch about it! isn't there a better alternative? i'd like to think so. shit, bollocks, arse. anyone with bright ideas, please send me a message...
looking forward to meeting lorna/brandene, sounds like a cool bitch. you know her? yeah, thought so. you've done her haven't you? you slut! don't tell Cam.
i gotta get me another beveredge. (was i meant to write that with an

ps. ooooh, just looked out the window and spotted some people hugging for a really long time. he was old, she young. isn't it fun to make up the stories of other peoples lives? mwah ha ha. it's like playing God (...who? no, i don't know either)

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