Saturday, June 05, 2004

i'm jinxed...

tonight i broke not one, but TWO keys in my car door. yes, really. very bad luck. the first one snapped off in the lock when i went to lock my car.. "o no" i though, "i'm fucked" ...but then i remembered i still had my spare in my bag from when i took the car to the mechanic last week. phew! so no big drama. got back in my car, drove to my destination, got out, put the key (2nd, remember) in the lock, turned it... and lo and behold i was holding another piece of mangled metal in my hand. aaaaaaargh!
so, now i really was fucked. and the most annoying part... my mobile was locked inside the car. anyways, the only good thing about the experience was that i got to drive my friend's very nice car home... mmm. so good. makes me want to get an automatic, preferrably one with a swipe card rather than a key. it must be my super-frog powers screwing with the molecular structure of the metal. yeah, that sounds like a good explanation. maybe i need special extra-strength metal keys. do they make those? us super-heroes have *such* a hard time.
and in other news:
*buena vista social club is coming to town, hooray! think i'm gonna go. it'll be so cool.
*i'm being sucked dry by a well-meaning emotional vampire. it hurts.
*my father is pissing off to the other side of the world for a few months. i'm meant to 'look after' my ma..
*reading a great book : travels with a circus. about a woman who joins a mexican circus, nice writing style
*i talked to the exiled pisciboy tonight. am missing him a lot today. want to *seeeee* him!
*my dear friend carlene is arriving back in town on christmas day... yay!
*i'm hating my job. it's just a phase, i need to take a few days off to clear my head. but that's impossible at the moment, as we have a bunch of newbies and a whole lot of long-timers (!) just left. so not a good time for me to be disappearing. *sigh*
*another friend did something really stupid tonight, against the very strong advice of 5 of her closest friends. wait for the fallout... [again]
*i opened my big mouth and fucked things up. been kicking myself over this one for a week or so now. stupid stupid stupid girl.
*still loving having short hair again.
*finally got round to buying cat food, but it's no bloody use to me or billy bob as it's locked in my car on the other side of town. doh!
*had a moment when my inherent cynicism was quelled, while reading a blog entry last night. wow.
ok, enough for now. write to me and tell me something funny. or ask me a question, i need something to blog about!

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