Friday, October 15, 2004


a new day, a new look. greener and blacker. like the chocolate... mmmmmm. but i digress...
hooray for a fishbrain to be picked like a chicken carcass.
thoughts of the ferrety one, and mister shall-take-no-bull... and the girl who pieces the picture together. *mmm*
bad dreams, fucking with my waking hours, missed encounter with a very old and very dear friend, hesitency about another imminent reunion.
a haunting photo on my desktop, a few too many phonecalls to return (but i don't WANT to), a myriad of images in my head that i hope will make it onto paper one day.
two glasses of red wine down (a little too sweet, but the fire and company made it all very pleasant), and a drive home to look forward to.
sweet dreams, my pretties.

o, sorry, i've lost all previous comments... don't blame me, i'm at a loss when it comes to hinky-templatular issues.

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