Thursday, February 17, 2005


a couple of years ago i decided that it was time for a change of scene, so i went up to hawkes bay for a while. it was nice, though i wasn't in the best mental and emotional state. despite that fact it was good to get away. after about 6 weeks i realised that i didn't have to prove my independence and strength to anyone, and i decided to go back to christchurch and accept support from my friends.
which worked out rather well really, and i had the good fortune to be introduced to a friend's new shag. i liked him immediately, and we struck up a friendship quite quickly. it soon became a friendship that was very important to me, he was someone who shared a lot of my oddball interests (frogs.. ahem) and what's more... got my jokes! that, dear readers, doesn't happen often. we spent many an hour talking books, art, zoology, and watching the freaks and weirdos from our glass box while drinking too much coffee (him latte, me flat white). much laughter, much madness. and a lot of very much appreciated support and love.
after an incident involving pHector the Dog, i came to the pleasant realisation that i was likely to be friends with this boy for a long time.
happy birthday jeff, i love you.

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