Friday, April 29, 2005


as of tomorrow morning i no longer have a cat.
it's all really sudden and i'm feeling really upset that he's going, and upset about the circumstances.
see, i've known for a while that i have to find billy bob a new home as i'm leaving my place in a couple of weeks, and can't take him with me. but i didn't count on it all happening in the blink of a fucking eye. basically i mentioned to my flatmate 2 days ago that i needed to find somewhere for him... and 10 mins ago when i got home from work she said "well, it's all worked out and elle [who??] is coming to pick billy bob up tomorrow morning".
whaaaaat? you can't just give someone's cat away! and i'm still bloody living here for another 2 weeks. fuck, i'm so angry with her. but i also think that it's probably for the best, he gets to go and live on the coast in a nice wee bachelor-cat-pad with someone who will lavish attention on him (i admit freely that i'm not the best cat loving person)
but i'm really really upset about this, i feel like she's been really disrespectful in just going and giving him away to some woman i don't know.
fuck, i don't know how to feel about this.
i'll post now, and think later.
ps. people of blogland, keep posting about your kitties (as if you wouldn't), i need to get my fix somehow.

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