Sunday, October 09, 2005


harbour view
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once upon a sunny sunday i took it into my head to go driving. no destination in mind, i ended up in lyttelton. "well," i thought to myself, "i can either go wander some shops and drink some sort of a beverage, or i can go check out the ferry timetable".
so i did the latter, and afore long i was sitting on a little wee boat to diamond harbour. delicious sun-drenched quiet beautiful diamond harbour.
off the ferry i jumped, and up the hill i bounded. past the tree, with a smile on my face, and up to godley house.
where i drank beer.
in the sun.
on the lawn.
and i wrote.
and sat with eyes closed soaking up the sun.
and wrote some more.
and drank beer.
and took photos.
and smiled.
and sighed contentedly.
and watched people.
and just sat.
and thought.
and imagined.
and smiled.
it was *everything* i needed today.

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