Saturday, August 26, 2006


i bought me a domain. so eventually i'll pack my bags and leave this bloggie place. mainly because i don't like having my real name in the address, i'm too easily findable by peoples who i'd prefer didn't.
but i'll do my best to let you lovely readers all know my new place. because i know you'd miss me if i just disappeared. but mostly i'd miss the comments. because there are sooo many of them.
michelle yesterday seeded the idea in me of writing for a living. like, not fiction or blog or poetry or anything like that, but maybe there really are ways i can make a decent living off words. i like that idea. but maybe it'd be torturous. i can agonise over words for bloody hours. i'd need to have a thesaurus with me at all times.
maybe i'll end up being a shop girl all my life.
maybe i'll do something entirely different.
heh, the coffee coursing through my veins is loosening my tongue (fingers really. i'm not saying this out loud. ok maybe a little)
i have career ideas pretty much daily. business enterprises, flashes of inspiration. hazy fuzzy edged ideas that make my eyes sparkle momentarily. how do i get these things growing?

edit: fucking widows, jeez.

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