Monday, September 18, 2006

last night while foraging for the last shit reminders of my ex-ex-girlfriend (the one we dislike, immensely) so i could give them the hell back to her, i found a journal from a few years ago.
and now here's a snippit from it, to warm the cockles of your hearts. hehehe, good times...

i am replaying moments
from last night in slow motion
with dolby surround sound
and heart wrenching
disney soundtrack.
he's lovely.

it was really lovely to find the journal and read all about my then-life. all the happy buoyant loved up feelings, and the sad ones, and the pages of "fuck it. just FUCK FUCK FUCK it. fuckkk!" (i'm not kidding!), and the scraps of emails and the laughs and the wonderings. so many different friends and realities back then! a different world entirely. it was just what i needed, to combat this darksome which has ensnared me these last few days.
these are lonesome times in my world.
good stuff, plenty of it, is happening too.

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