Sunday, January 28, 2007

it's a beautiful sunny day, what a treat! there haven't been many of those this summer. i'm going to go out to brighton and wander with N and who knows, maybe play with some paper and knives and rulers and stuff.
melbourne is creeping up on me so fast, suddenly it's a matter of *weeks* away. only 6 or 7 more weeks of work (which in itself is a Big Deal, the place has been my second home for over 3 years now!) and then a roadtrip up to check out womad (awesome! can't wait! so much cool stuff to listen to! lila downs!!! yes!!!) and then i get to meander back down the country at my own pace. i'm going to stop in wellington and say hi to a few peeps, really looking forward to that. and then it's back home to tidy up my affairs (heh) before making like a shepherd.
i'm trying not to stress about the prospect of finding a job and somewhere to live... i'm sure it'll all fall into place.
it is going to be truly fabulous to live in the same city (same house, if i play my cards right) as michkins. last week in auckland was great, she's very good company you know. at some point i may even write about the big day out, and the cirque du soleil.
(i've finally figured out how to blog via email, so yeah, perhaps that means more posts)
right, time to go check out what the day holds.
love to you, dear blogpeeps.
but not to "shane winthrop" because he's acting like a creep.

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