Sunday, June 24, 2007

there's blue sky outside! i can see strips of it through the blinds. i am in bed. i am blogging in bed! life is good. actually i need to get a table, i can see myself becoming a cripple at this rate.. hunched over my 'puter on the floor.
it'd be such a good day for taking a turn through the botanic gardens, coffeeing at degraves espresso, taking in an exhibition or two. i'm working though, so none of that for me! i shall scrub and vacuum and tidy and serve customers and have a laugh with my workmates, sunday is our get-things-done day. always a fun shift, especially as i get to work a whole shift with the ever adorable miss james. what a cutie.
vic arrives tomorrow night. vic, my outback interwebs friend who i have known for years but have never met. aside from all the bullshit circumstances for her being up this way at all, i am very much looking forward to spending a few days hanging out with her. which reminds me i need to go and buy another duvet today.
now it's time to get up and make the most of the sunshine before i go to work, have a fabulous day blogfriends.
love, e

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