Friday, September 28, 2007

i'm home alone. with the company of moodster (the dog) and the bug in my stomach. damn it! i'd planned on going to a party up the road, a hens night for one of the girls in town. but here i am, dizzy and lightheaded with a pain in my gut! boring. that said, it's nice to have some time alone, and a good chance to catch up on some internetting.
i've just scored myself a job, at one of the 3 shops in town.. hahha... i was a little worried that there'd be no jobs going but i seem to have been lucky. we'll see how i go... i start on monday.. and i have to cook meat! the ex-vegan in me cringes. it'll be good to have some money coming in, and good also to have some routine in my days, particularly when vic scarpers off to work again for however many long weeks! and when she does i promise i'll get my pastels out and do some sketches. there are so many beautiful sights around here! did i mention that tibooburra means "heap of rocks"? the town is surrounded my these mounds of rocks, really stunning, and five minutes out of town in any direction they just disappear. we went up to Sunset Lookout a few nights ago. sat there as the sun sunk below the horizon, the colours of the land changing from brilliant oranges to dusky pinks and purples. breathtaking. and so much space!

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