Thursday, November 08, 2007

hello. i'm back!
i didn't realise it'd been so long since i updated this place. i guess
life took over! what with working full time now (well, 30hrs is
considered full time at my job) and keeping pretty busy around the
house and yard, as well as a few relationship hurdles and a nasty bout
of gastro... my mind has been on things other than blogging!
also i have a few rants brewing but i don't know if i want to write
them. is it wise to focus on the things that piss me off about this
place, or should i ignore them and hopefully lessen their annoyance
factor by doing so?(things like parents here feeding their very very young children food and drinks filled with colours and flavours and msg and shit!
argh! i know it happens everywhere.. but it pains me to see it,
especially as these people are my new friends!)
or i could tell you about the gastro ~ but i'm pretty certain that you
don't want to know! suffice to say that i ended up a tad dehydrated,
with a drip in my arm for a few hours. not nice. i'm pretty much
mended, still a bit wiped out by the experience. i was back at work
today though, so that's progress!
and now i'm home alone, what luxury. vic is off yabbying (ie. catching
yabbies... they're kinda like mini crayfish and they live in the fresh
water dams around here)
i think i'll try and find some gardening info online, and then wander
off to read my book for a while. it's a crazy celtic new-agey one,
driving me up the wall, but the historical witch-hunty stuff is quite
interesting and it's making me want to get back into gardening.

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