Wednesday, November 19, 2008

pictures of carlene and joe's new daughter, hazel may, make me smile. another starchild in my life.

i'm going home at the end of the month, weather permitting. mixed feelings about leaving this desert home of mine. it will be so good to be back on kiwi soil again, this time for more than a couple of weeks. it will be sad though to leave behind the special people in my life here.

you know, i sat down all prepared to write a decent post after such a long absense... and it seems that i have forgotten how. it's hard to know what to write about when so much has happened since i last posted, infact so much has happened in the last year and a half that i haven't spoken of here. maybe i need to start afresh with a new blog? maybe i need to just get over it and write whatever, rather than trying to fill in the large gap.

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