Friday, August 07, 2009

it's springy.
the sun is shining (!) and has actual warmth in it (!) and people are smiling again!
phew. i intend to make the most of it before the next cold snap. some people call me a pessimist when i say that... but i consider myself more of a realist. it's the same every year, some beautiful warm days and the blossom comes out and the sheepies start dropping lambs all over the sunny green paddocks. then, low and behold, a cold snap. pictures of dead lambs on all the newspapers' front pages.
mark my words.

in other news, i am back at the opawa house again. for 4ish months, it's a doable timeframe. i shall do my best to be a sweet and lovely daughter, it certainly helps having a moving-out date in mind already! so, this is a grand opportunity to save as much money as i can for my northern hemisphere adventure next year.
but i won't be saving money when i'm frollicking in melbourne in a couple of weeks. yippeee! am very very much looking forward to seeing my melbourne amigos, and immersing myself in big city life for a few days.
for now though it's off to work for me, i have herb teas to pack.
with love,

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