Wednesday, March 17, 2010


so said neil young

i am not heartbroken, but i am heartsore.
i made a decision today which feels like the right one, even if it's a bit shit. and sad. but you know, i'm all about the simplicity and happiness and i think i'm on the right road. i feel like making this decision is a step in the right direction, a step towards being the best person i can be. god that sounds awful, but that is cynical me talking, and didn't i say something about casting cynical eroica aside for a while?
this is all good learning. many a challenge, as if i could expect otherwise. life is a bitch! but a beautiful sweet bitch.
someone tell me to shut up?

x e


Anonymous said...

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Vanessa said...

The bigger you heart, the more it can hurt you.
The people who won't let themselves be hurt are the ones who suffer longest.
Lots of good wishes and hugs sent your way.