Thursday, July 01, 2010


so a couple of weeks ago i made my first foray into the world of online bookshopping. i've been thus far avoiding it, in the knowledge that it is a slippery slippery slope!! far too much temptation. however, sometimes books just aren't available anywhere in new zealand, and the cost of getting a shop to special order them is just too much!
i am still a fan of buying local and supporting small business.. of course.. but i decided to cut myself some slack and just buy the three books i really wanted!
i've been holding off telling you about them, but now i can (fb knows why). the first one....
from eroica with love, vol.1 ~ yes, really! this is a very bizarre series of manga, the central character being this blond gay chap by the name of eroica. all the girls swoon over him. i admit i have only read the first couple of pages.. it's cringeworthy!
the next book was "rotisserie chook or the founding fathers" by jessica hagy, from her awesome website indexed. it's 30 postcards, all of them awesomely cool graphs of various types.
finally, the buy that really made my day.... "ZOMBIE HAIKU"!!! two of my favourite things united at last. it is wicked. probably in both senses of that word. i opened this package on the bus one day, within about 5 pages i was laughing so hard that i had to put the book away, and hide my face in my hands because people were starting to look alarmed. i never had much of a thing about zombies until quite recently. of course "shawn of the dead" was an awesome movie, but that still didn't turn me. i'm not quite sure what did actually, though i'm sure fishboy had a lot to do with it. his influence is strong, many a time i've been pulled to the dark(er) side by that one. anyhoo... definitely happy to have received this brilliant book in the post!
sometimes at work i pretend that i'm a zombie, i've discovered that just pretending inside my head is enough to bring a smile to my face... so customers think i'm nice when actually i am imagining ripping them limb from limb and devouring their mushy organic brains. oooh, have i said too much?
in other news, i'm listening to the national for the first time, loving it so far, thanks ray and claire for another good recommendation.



fishboy said...

Heh, welcome to the wonderful, terrible, addictive world of internet book shops. There is no return.

Thank you for the book! It's awesome and I have it sitting next to me at work right now - on my messenger bag that says "During a Zombie Attack Please Follow Me". Yes, I may well be zombie obsessed...

You can expect some more haikus from me in the future - I want to get back into that and you're the only person who responds in kind :)

PS The National are awesome.

eroica said...

the national is good
but zombies are better, yeah?
"ugg, i eat your brains".