Thursday, September 23, 2010


awoken by a rather big aftershock (yes, still!) i am happily gazing out over my garden on a perfect spring morning. granted, it's not very warm ~ but my coffee is, and for once i feel like i've had enough sleep. it's crazy how much sleep i've been getting lately, and now little of it seems to be effective. i guess it's still the after effects of the earthquake stress, as most people i talk to seem to be in the same boat. the same suddenly rocking at random moments boat in fact.
life is slowly feeling more normal, i am no longer freaked out about being on my own ~ hooray! that said, i'm not yet game to put my pretty things back on their high shelves.
i did manage to do a HUGE batch of grapefruit and cranberry marmalade yesterday. turns out that tripling the recipe was perhaps a little too keen. it's a real bugger when you realise half way through that you're going to need to transfer half of the scaldingly hot gloop into another pot. aah, but the satisfaction of having 24 jars of marmalade lined up on the bench makes it worth while.
in garden news, i finally managed to get things in the ground last sunday. four feijoa bushes, a blackcurrant, a lemon, and three cranberries. feels good. it was particularly awesome to have steve's input, and by input i mean digging. yay steve! this weekend i plan on going to a couple of markets and drinking fancy wine and eating fancy cheese with claire, looking forward to that!
hope all is well in your worlds, blogfolks.


V.K. said...


I am so out of the loop and into my own tiny world

So glad that you are ok

and making marmalade even?!

good god

why are we not Skypeing??

eroica said...

i fear that the marmalade won't last as long as the aftershocks... i may have to make another batch to get me through! (sugar is important in times of peril, you see.)

xx yes let's skype soon!