Sunday, April 17, 2011

unnecessarily miserable.
(there, i said it, now i need to get over it)


Sarsparilla said...

Hey, sweet. I have found that if you give your mind time to sometimes be miserable, it hurts a little, but your mind and your body thank you for it.
Sometimes you don't have space for it, because you have too many things to do and carry and be strong for: there's an issue there, because misery stored up doesn't ever dissipate. Better to cry a little, sometimes, than to spend years too scared to cry because it feels like you may never stop.
Forgive yourself for feeling a bit sad sometimes; if you knew someone who was going through what you and your community had, and they said they wanted to cry a bit occasionally, would you have thought it was too much? Of course not, you'd have wondered how on earth they made it this far without having a good cry and asking for a hug.
Whatever you feel is the right way to feel, E.
Massive hugs. Useless, virtual ones.

eroica said...

Thanks, V. You are right of course. And virtual hugs aren't useless, they're much appreciated.