Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catch ups

Oh, I have been remiss!
I so intended to post a picture each day, then I got sidetracked with work and wedding (not mine) and more work! So I shall post 7 tonight, one for each day that I've missed.
Here we are at the Palmerston North holiday park, with a lovely example of perspective lines created by these shadows. It's so green up there!

 Cups! I do like a bit of repetition. Got some really good feedback when I submitted this for course last week, I recall my tutor even used the word Love in his feedback. Yippee!

 I like the lighting here. Though now looking at it I think I need to crop away the frames above her.

Who can resist such a beautiful sparkling thing as this?  The shadows are so pretty. I am brought to mind of an underwater creature of some sort.

Why have these not sold yet??? I'd buy them, if I liked parsnips. The lengths I got to at work to sell off a few old-ish veges... and not a bite!

 Piko, sweet Piko. A new incarnation, complete with fabulous coffee out the front (thanks Greg).

Um, you what?!? This has got to be the ugliest contraption I've laid eyes on in quite some time. He is a strange man, and one who thankfully doesn't come into work too often these days!

Right, there you have it... I am caught up on my photos. I shall do better from now on!
Tell me something about your lives now.
xx ero


... said...

Yes, the cups are lovely - especially like the tint of the shadows.

I've plucked up the courage to buy a sky blue guitar.

Have fun with the tripod

xo Ana

eroica said...

Thanks lovely!
I'm excited that you bought a guitar, and particularly excited that it's sky blue.
What shall you play on it?