Saturday, November 17, 2012


i bought myself a pottery wheel. it's a doer-upper, at this point it works but not very well. i haven't tried making anything on it yet!  i'm excited at the thought of being able to lose myself for hours in the garage with the whirring of the wheel for company, churning out mountains of bowls! that's what i want to make, functional bowls and cups and more bowls and maybe a plate or two, but mostly bowls. i wish i knew where i had safely stashed my oxide pencil! (the one i used on the monkey bowls, if you remember those)
what sort of bowls shall i make? i had this idea that i would give away pottery gifts for christmas, but i think that may be pushing it.. only 5 weeks away, and i haven't even got it ready to start! i joined a pottery club which is in a rural area about a half hour from home, they meet on mondays and i could possibly make it there for a couple of hours after work. there are 9 kilns out there!! electric, gas, woodfired, salt, raku, anagama... so much for me to learn if i choose to! i love the idea of eventually giving up my monday at work and making it my pottery day. i'm feeling creative again!

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