Sunday, August 15, 2004

suddenly the adult world becomes irrelevant, and people play again...
i took a roll of black and white film, my first... hope some of them are worth printing. i'm going to do them in my friend's darkroom, also a first, which is pretty damn exciting.
but anyway... *the snow*'s so purdy! now probably some of you are wondering what the big deal is. the big deal is that we get snow about once a year if we're lucky here!
it's, well, magical. makes everything seem so 'otherworldly' (to use a tosser-ish expression). driving becomes a whole new adventure... like falling into that screensaver, you know the one.... had to keep reminding myself to *look at the damn road*!
i had a nice night, spent it in a warm cosy cafe with a view of the snow through the fogged up windows, drinking feijoa champagne and eating pizza with a jovial crowd... if only more winter nights could be spent in such a way.

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