Wednesday, September 15, 2004


30% of all asian newly-weds met at the scene of a car accident... not necessarily their own.
fact via bex via rdu, 8/09/2004
worst typo of the week: zealand, spelled "zea;llaealand"
christchurch is "too hot and too fast paced" ~merle&neil
on library stairs:
he: gidyerv
Me: chim

here's the deal, avid readers... i feel like i got nothing to say at the moment. so i'm finding it hard to post. however, if you want to see some more of my rambling on here... tell me and i'll write you a post. kapish?
i'll be even happier if you give me some idea of what you'd like me to write about too... that's how lacking my inspiration is at the moment. so if you wanna read something new... HELP ME OUT.

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