Monday, November 15, 2004

all WOF'd up and nowhere to go

a na na na na na naaaaaaaaa
eroica got her warrANT
(sing it... you know you want to)


received this congratulatory text from father dearest: "great wof result i've just joined gym to build scary megalegs"

family dinner last night... the usual mixture of painfully mundane conversation and cringeworthy random comments from my mother. of course i managed to be totally inappropriate before i thought about what i was saying. the conversation was about cell phones and theGoodDoctor was telling us that apparently men shouldn't carry their phones in their pockets, because they heat the testicles and can lead to sterility. to which i loudly blurted out "and that's a bad thing?"
oopsie... *blushes*
well fuck it. i was going out of my mind sitting there quietly while my sydney cousins yapped on about the glory that is glassons, and their latest job opportunities in the big smoke. *yawn*
i spent the majority of the eveing staring out the window at the passing birds and cars and, well, anything else i could fix my steely gaze upon. managed to limit my escapes to only two. sure, it's normal to spend 15 minutes in the toilet, right? (well, ok, i was checking out the organic vege garden.. but they didn't know that)
o yucky yucky yuck. family is so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh!
but my dear sweet squash has returned from afar, and i have a smile on my face.

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