Thursday, November 18, 2004


Bex is getting a massage from Marcel in his room. i'm hanging out online feeling seedy.

*there is a knock on the front door...
i go to answer it. it's our landlady, SW*

Me: hi

SW:hi, i was wondering if Bex was around, she called earlier

Me:erm, yeah, i'm not sure...

*marcel walks out of his room*

SW: hi Marcel

Marcel: hi

SW: do you know if Bex is here?

Marcel: *looking back at his door* yeah, she's just getting dressed

Me: *blushes* ha ha

SW: *blushes* er...

Me: *laughs* ahem

*Bex walks out of Marcel's room looking a little dazed*

Bex: well that's embarassing

*sniggering from me and Marcel*

*look of astonishment and embarassment from SW*

*much awkward 'aheming' and suchlike from all present*

and here's where it gets even funnier... Bex didn't realise that Marcel hadn't actually explained that he was giving her a massage... so it looks as bad as it could possibly have looked. :-D

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