Friday, June 24, 2005


hey T
naturally i've been thinking about you a lot... contemplating how things might've been in a different circumstance. like, no bloody husband! no recent ex.. that's something on my list of what i want out of my next relationship! been spending lucious minutes imagining your kisses, the way you feel... the way you make me feel. your smile. your warmth (in every sense).
i hope things are going to be ok between us. i really really do. i hope my heart doesn't squeeze and shrink when i look at you, or when i see you with someone else. i hope this hasn't wrecked a very cool budding friendship.
i want the good stuff.. the smiles and the laughs and the warm wonderful feeling you give me.
i'll not be sending this to you... but it feels good to write it anyhow.
with love,
eroica xxx

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