Tuesday, June 28, 2005


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so so succulent.
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well here i am back in christchurch, it's cold. no suprise there. hooray for my parents' house! heat pump and underfloor insulation.. such a treat after living in a damp swamp-house for the last couple of years.
i'm happy to be home, i really am. it was a fucking strange holiday. it had it's moments, sure.
anyway i'm back at work, back with my happy wee pikofamily. seeing T was playing on my mind a little (ahem, ok.. a lot). it was nice. cheeky girl, first thing she does is plant a kiss on me. *g*
she then 'booked' me for today... for the talk. eek. so she came over, we scuttled into my den (i have decided not to open the curtains for the duration of winter.. heehee) and she talked. basically along the lines of that she was very confused still. and trying to make a go of it with her man, but was still ridiculously attracted to me.. mentioned something about her body doing inappropriate things when she saw me yesterday. so the upshot: she was going to try vry hard to stop flirting with me, and get herself sorted out.
then she kissed me.
hmm, what's a girl to do? i did the only thing that came to mind... i kissed back. fuck, i'd forgotten. it is just *SO* good. so we looked at each other a little sheepishly, and then, well, i won't go into details. so the no-flirting-thing is staring as of tomorrow. and damn it's going to be hard... i'm worried. this level of sheer physical attraction is ludicrous. *gnashing teeth*
i am one confused and frustrated bunny.
help! please!
ps. just got this text: "still having naughty evil thoughts about you. it's not midnight yet, i'm still allowed. aargh if you weren't so damn cute and lush my life would be easier"

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