Thursday, August 25, 2005


no updates coz i've been a sick little bunny. flu, i mean.
but there's lots i'd like to write about... meeting sarsparilla for one. an enchanting experience.
for now, read this and weep for me.

me: shit, brb, you reminded me i have to take my herbal stuff.
boo: ok
me: that stuff is FOUL
boo: is it
boo: lol
me: it's truly awful
boo: what in it
me: ecchinacea and ginger and other stuff, i forget.
boo: yummy
me: pure herbal tincture.. it's like black syrup and it's really bitter and astringent at the same time
boo: ewwwwww
me: the taste stays in the pores of my tongue
boo: ewwwww so it lingers
boo: lol
me: it stimulates the saliva glands (ecchinacea does that) so you feel like you have to keep swallowing or you'll gag
me: real nice
me: anyway.. enough about that
boo: lol

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