Tuesday, August 16, 2005

today i'm having those issues that arise all too often when one lives in a city as small (read insular) as mine.
everyone knows my damn business. everyone has an opinion.
ok, so one person in particular. she's been mouthing off again in certain circles, only telling the bits of the picture that suit her. giving me a bad reputation which i actually feel is somewhat undeserved. it's true, i have my downfalls. i live in a way which to some (many) people seems to be somewhat amoral.
i have morals, i live by them, i don't go out of my way to hurt people. quite the opposite infact.. despite the bitchy facade i'm actually not the sort of person who likes to inflict pain on my fellow humans.
yeah, and i get myself into all sorts of trouble for loving the wrong people or loving people the wrong way, though from where i'm standing it makes sense and i'm just *loving*, you know? it's not about being different or dramatic or kinky or pathetic or anything like that, it's just about being me, and letting myself have that freedom to do it. which is hard in a city of this size. really fucking hard. because of course it gets to me when i hear that someone has been telling someone else about how i got together with someone when they were with someone else and someone number one can just go fuck herself. yes, lisa gerrard, go fuck yourself. get a fucking life and stop your gossiping and just FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE! anyway, i should just let go of this. she doesn't know the half of it, and she's just a weak ignorant woman full of spite and hot air.
damn, i am so upset and angry and frustrated and just bloody miserable right now.
i feel like i need to elaborate on some of the stuff i've just blurted out right here, and for now i don't have the fucking energy.
got a question, just ask.

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