Thursday, May 25, 2006


thank you all for your comments and support on my last post. it really does mean a lot.
on saturday tracey and i decided to end our relationship. initially her idea, but when i got honest... my thoughts lately have been very much focussed on whether or not i was wanting to be there anymore.
there are many reasons for which we made our decision. i don't want to write about them yet, but i think i will soon. (and i don't mind you asking questions)
so, where are we at now? well, i'm not too sure. we are still in love (sometimes i think more so than ever) and still want each other emotionally/mentally/sexually.
we think we've made the right choice, but there is still a lot of confusion in both of our hearts over it.
we've settled on trying for a slow parting. no sudden wrench.
how does one fall out of love deliberately?
people, if you have any advice for me please do share it.

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