Saturday, June 03, 2006


hello blogpeeps.
i'm in auckland sitting on michelle's couch with her laptop, and a belly full of coffee. so good to be away from christchurch and work for a bit, just chilling out and visiting people and wandering.
i feel like i could quite easily just forget to get on my homeward bound plane. settle into this noisy city and stretch my wingies a little. but not yet, no not yet. back to the cold south for a few more months, save some money, and have a full-family christmas (a big deal this year as potentially all six of us kids will be home, first time since i was 9) before making like a shepherd and getting the flock outta there. probably to sydney for a few months before heading over to the UK. *ramble ramble ramble*
but, as i prove over and over, plans are often changed/broken/metamorphed into something entirely different.
anyways, let's not go getting deep and meaningful.
i might go and see my bros today. when i said to my father, before leaving chch, that i might not see them he got all upset like and garbled something about "disfunctional" and "you have to be the cement". well you know what? fuck right off! i've been cementing this insane family together for years and i'm over it. i no longer care if A hasn't spoken to B since 1994, and C is secretly planning the demise of D. *g* gotta love family...
shit i am talking nonsense. i think it's the excitement of typing in bed! wheeeee! or perhaps it's the killer-coffee.
hey people, i've had a few creative ideas while i've been here. my problem is that i have these ideas and i don't tend to follow through on them. but i want to change that, i want to actually do some of the stuff that lurks around in my head. eyes peeled, people, i might just suprise us all.

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