Thursday, June 22, 2006


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this is my bookshelf. i got it for my 21st, and it was the best thing my parents could've given me. i love my books i do. and on top is my most precious plant, begonia angelwings. grown from a clipping, it just keeps getting bigger and healthier. on the first shelf is a few of the bowls i've made at pottery. and then books books books. mmmm.
blogpeeps, i've been getting into some handmade postcard swaps over at ...another way i push myself to get creative. the thing is, i really like this one and i'm not sure it'll end up in the post.
in other exciting news, i'm late for work, it's cold, and my throat is sore. i'm not enjoying winter, no no. not at all.
oh, and i booked another ticket to auckland (and back, sadly) for august. so that's something to look forward to.
how are you all?

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